Tuesday, May 5, 2020

. . . and Then It Was May 2020

We're staying healthy and following the safety procedures outlined by the government. We've implemented our own safe procedure to ensure we do not contract nor spread corvid-19 during this pandemic. It's a scary time for our Mother Earth! She seems to be saying, "That's it Humans! I've had enough! Now, get back into your yards and let me regenerate!"
So, we at Royal K9 Korner are listening. We're only accepting dogs in for day care if it's a special circumstance. We think it's our way of doing that little bit to help those moms and dads who have emergencies crop up and have to leave their loved one in care for the day. No one is going away on holidays! All our visitors are cooperating in social distancing and staying safe with in our community. We aren't sure when we'll be able to reopen our gates for Meet 'n Greets. We'll be sure to let everyone know when that time comes.

As for us personally, we're doing our best to take care of a few little things that needed doing around our house and yard. We're keeping busy and helping Mother Earth replenish.
We've purchased a few more cedar planter boxes from our "Cedar Man" in Kamloops Thank you so much Rob Richardson of RAM Contracting! We love your craftsmanship!
We've coated the new planters with boiled Linseed Oil and will line them with poly for added protection. I'll be planting them in the next day or two.
Linseed oil completed. Ready to be placed
I'll need to re-oil last years before planting them as well
I can hardly wait for the flowers!

This year we purchased bedding plants by doing an online order for pick up through Desert Hills Ranch.
We've bought bedding plants there in previous years and have been pretty happy with them.  We packed up the dogs and took a day drive over to Ashcroft to pick them up.
So for the next few days I'll be busy getting them all sorted and distributed into their spots.
I love being able to do this. It's a time for serenity and relaxation of my brain. Though sometimes my body tends to disagree.
Mostly it's just a wonderful feeling of accomplishment and rewards that last the rest of the year.
We wont discuss last years purple ones!Im excited to try the soil they sell this year. It's a first for me.
Thank you for your safe pick up procedure Desert Hills Ranch
Im excited to get these beauties into their boxes
Geraniums and Marigolds variety pack
Misc. variety hanging basket pack
Petunias variety
Yep, that's right Im going to be BUSY!  The Royal Ladies are relaxing while I work.  Lady May loves to follow me around and lay in the sunshine. After a slow stroll around the yard, our Matriarch Princess MollyDawg prefers her indoor crate most days. 
Oh to have a dog's life eh?
Lady May supervises the pansys
The Princess prefers her crate
We're sending everyone as much pawsitive strength and support to carry on and get through this troubling time. Stay safe and continue to social distance even from our loved ones. 
Mother Earth is smiling on us I'm sure! I believe she is seeing,
"We can do it!"

Thursday, April 30, 2020

April 30th is here again

Today is another significant day for us here at Royal K9 Korner. We made it through April with a few less tears than before. Each year it is easier to remember only the happiness.

Free Kindle Edition
Today we remember a happy day back in 2008,
when King and his pack were rescued from the woods in Bella Coola.

We smile with happy thankful thoughts of that day when Lou and Bonny found and loaded up King and his pack of skinny souls(Bella,Spring and Chinook named by Lou and Bonny) the long way to their new beginnings at Turtle Garden's Rescue Society. Thank you Lou and Bonny! Thank you Yvette Labatte for opening up your heart and doors to these four. Thank you, Author Nancy Bain, for taking the time to research, write and publish this heartwarming story.
You can read and own that account here. Dogs in the Forest.
My heart still aches, although I'm now able to cope much easier. I've learned how to control my pain and force myself to revisit all the happy memories. I can look back now and know we let our buddy leave this world the way he was meant to. With dignity and honour and with the full company of his realm by his side.

April 8th was also a significant day for us and our Duchess. It was back in 2011 when we had to send The Duchess back to her hometown in Smithers. Many will recall, we were to be a foster family to our Sweet Duchess Sammy, yet we fell in love with her immediately and found it so difficult to send her back. Her original mom wanted to try to take care of her again. We felt so blessed when it didn't work out and she was returned to us, but such a tragic loss for Duchess. There were a few things we could do to help her understand. Patience, time and our love for her made it easier.

King  could often be found resting quietly
beside his big sister Duchess Sammy

We were so fortunate to have her returned to us.She melted into our hearts and is there permanently!
You can read more of her story at her blog here:
My life as Duchess Sammy
Duchess lived out her remaining years in our pack and enjoyed her life to the fullest until 2013 when she left us for Rainbow Bridge.
King and Duchess Sammy's spirits now fly together, high over us, and on some days, we still feel their presence.  Their Prayer flags have all but disappeared, so we believe, now, they are free of this world. We can smile now, when we reach up to touch the shredded fibres of the remaining bits of flags.
Does it still hurt? Yes. Oh yes! It does! We try to remind ourselves that one day we will feel their fur again and our spirits will stroll happily together.

So, we smile today and remember so many happy times. Another year of remembering two cherishes souls 💕

Duchess blogs a recount of her return HOME! June 2011
Duchess Sammy - I'm Home!

Still one of my very favourite videos is from 2011 Autumn Leaf Play.
I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

We love you King and Duchess Sammy. Be well in your new spirit form. Until we meet again.

Saturday, February 22, 2020

What’s New at Royal K9 Korner

It's been super busy the last few weeks. We’re enjoying some sunny weather right now. We’ve been outdoors doing some raking and burning and getting our yard ready for the warmer days.
lil Marchioness Molly and Suzy help rake some leaves
 We’re also getting our daily giggles as we get to know Suzy. She has met several of our extended pack and is learning to enjoy the company of our guests. She’s come a long way for sure. She still has a fair bit of learning to do and that will come. She’ll return to her training when she heads back home with her new companion, Kathi.
For now she seems to stick close to our Royal Girls and will often choose a spot close to Lady May.

She’s a smart little girl and has quickly picked up on who gets the food first. Just before eating times, she can often be found waiting close to Her Majesty, The Princess. 

Suzy is also a tuff little girl who is still learning her place in the pack. When she first arrived, she responded inappropriately to a couple of other dogs a few times. That is not acceptable, and it was immediately stepped on. We want her to know she is completely safe here and there is no need to enforce any rules. That’s my job not hers. She responds very well to my big objection and responds appropriately.
Good Girl Suzy! You have come so far in such a short time!

We've had a very full calendar of visitors this month. Everyone from lil Molly, Curly, Miss Mylu, Sadie and Hazel as well. Even her best friend The Countess River stopped by for a playday.
Suzy needed a time out one day and showed marked improvement when we welcomed her back in the pack that afternoon. The lovely Miss Sadie was happy to welcome her.
Everyone is super excited to have the snow and ice gone. They're once again able to run and do safe zoomies in our dry yard again!
Getting to know so many new dogs and the different dynamics of our always changing pack can be a bit challenging for new comers. I tip my hat to how well young Suzy is doing. She is learning to walk away from over exuberant 'puppies' like Sweet Hazel. We have an extended stay for both these two coming up in March. We look forward to see how their relationship develops.
While everyone has been enjoying a fun time together, I've been sorting through the toy selection, discarding the old stuffies and washing up the chewies. Disappointed Curly was here the day the chewies were being scrubbed. He stood by the toy bin for quite some time before he decided to take what was still available and go entertain himself. He is not allowed to have the stuffies (Yes, he eats the stuffing!) and never once tried to take any while he patiently waited. Good Boy Curly!
Curly - "Excuse me, Mrs. Where's my Chewies?"
I promise to get them all washed quickly for you Curly.

It didn't take long for Curly to coax me into getting a couple of his favourites done so he could rest easy with it. There are not many minutes in the day when Curly is without a toy in his mouth. He is happiest when he has a plaything close by him. Rest well sweet boy. Your toy is safe with you now.

We've had a few wonderful fun-filled busy weeks. Soon we'll have a completely different pack dynamic and look forward to more sunshine and outdoor playtime.

Suzy and Miss Mylu share a space to relax

Little Suzy chooses to sleep close to the big dogs.
Her first night without the door closed.
Not a peep all night long

You've all been such good dogs. Im so happy you chose to visit us at Royal K9 Korner.
Come back soon sweeties. We'll be waiting for you!

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Sunday, February 2, 2020

Welcome Our New Grandpawghter ~ Suzy Q

The Royals are so happy to announce the arrival
of the newest member to our Royal family.
A big warm welcome to our Grandpawghter lil Suzy Q!

There is a special place in our hearts that
was just waiting for you to fill.
Suzy is a darling little 16 mon. old Puggle who comes to us all the way from Fort St. John S.P.C.A.
She's already had a few struggles for her young life. We're so happy she's landed in such a perfect, soft place now.
When her application was approved, her new mommy, our very own Aunty Kathi, drove all the way to Quesnel, where Suzy had been transferred, to pick her up and bring her HOME!
Thank you FSJ and Quesnel SPCA for keeping her safe until her mommy could find her.
We suspect Suzy became pregnant on her very first heat and was ultimately surrendered to Fort St. John's SPCA.  A puppy having puppies.
She delivered her litter of 6 very large puppies at the FSJ's SPCA in Sept 2019. She was able to raise them until they came of age for adoption, and then herself went on the adoption list.

It's no wonder Suzy was a bit stand offish with some dogs, more so with the males. We are doing our best to understand her and giving her the space and time, she needs to work through things. She's quite  trusting with us and a very clever little girl. We're certain she'll overcome all her issues very soon.
Of course, Aunty Kathi has fallen deeply in love with this little girl. She had been working with little Suzy, hourly, daily to build her confidence and teach her safety and the necessary skills for daily routines and fun for a happy ever after life. We know how difficult it must be for Aunty Kathi to have to leave her little one in care after only 3 weeks of her arrival. We promised her to keep lil Suzy safe and well loved until she can return.  Kathi will try to find some time while she's away to send us a bit of a write up.
We can't wait to read it!

During Suzy's meet n greet at Royal K9 Korner, we wanted all interactions to be positive ones for her. Thus we chose to only allow supervised meetings through gated doorways. If she showed any sign of anxiety, we left further introductions for another day. Her mommy was introducing her around town to other dogs in the community and bringing her to visit us everyday.  She initially had opportunities to briefly meet our Royal girls along with Miss Sadie and lil Molly.  She took a liking to The Princess MollyDawg right from the get go.  Lady May asked to be left alone for awhile so we are giving her the time she needs before we go further with that introduction. 
Outdoors and on safety lead, it took just one of The Princess' WOOF's to set Suzy straight. Since then Suzy seeks out The Princess and stays close by her side.
MollyDawg - "Stick wiv me kid, I'll show ya the ropes."
After a few visits here lil Suzy dropped her guard and was behaving like she belonged. We are so happy to see the progress she's made with her mommy's guidance. She is so lucky to have landed with our Aunty Kathi. We know she'll give her exactly what she needs to become a strong independent secure little girl.
 To date Suzy has met several members of RK9Korner's extended pack. She's had an over the top fun couple of days meeting with 'The' little Countess River. It seems like a real bond is in the making between these two. Check out their first playdate on our YouTube HERE.

While mommy is off at work Suzy will be staying with us and meeting so many new potential buddies. Just as Suzy arrived for her first ever daycare day, The Marchioness lil Molly and young squire Curly had arrived. She had already met Curly in the community so she was more comfortable and familiar with him.
Curly ~ "Fear not kiddo, You're safe with me!"
The Marchioness lil Molly can be a bit tuff on newcomers so we took extra time with guarded introductions with her. Suzy has a safe zone in our kitchen with her special mat covered with her mommy's hoodie and a few toys for her comfort. For social time in the living room we have our Xpen placed to allow everyone to be close enough to encourage safe interactions. We will continue including Suzy in all our daily events keeping her safe while still allowing opportunities for her to develop social bonds with the others in care.
Hi, I'm Suzy. I'll play with you later okay?"
Suzy resting on her mommy's hoodie in her safe zone
After being with us for just 2 days, she is already showing her comfort levels have increased and is wanting to run free with all the other visitors. We will be curbing her play time and keeping her on lead until we know she is 100% safe and has learned her recall skills. Suzy is an active little girl with great jumping and climbing skills so we're watching and teaching her the yards boundaries. Suzy is getting lots of reinforcements for her great behaviours and looks for direction from the others around her. We can't wait for the day we can see her interacting fully with everyone. We are going slow and will monitor and keep you posted on her progress soon.
Suzy waits with the others before going outdoors.

Lady May, "Just keep your distance and we'll be fine ok?"
Next week Suzy will have an opportunity to meet the Lovely Miss Mylu and sweet Hazel. We are looking forward to fun introductions.
Suzy's Album can be found on our Facebook page HERE.
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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

We're Almost Through January 2020!

We started the new year with calm quiet days. We took a few days off for some one on one time with our precious Royal Girls. We headed out of town for a few days and enjoyed the snow and relaxation. The girls were fully dressed for the drop in temps with boots and coats. When they see me picking them up, they lean into my hands making putting them on go super smooth. They are such good girls. Lady May has her sister's hand me down boots. Luckily The Princess' new ones arrived before we left home. With the deep freeze temps, we were very happy to be well dressed for it.
With Lady May's new meds she was able to go for very short walks around the Motel compound. She had to stay back with daddy while the Princess and I headed a bit further down the road.
I think Lady May wants to go indoors now mommy
Look mommy! Lady May could take the bus instead of walking!!

After our morning walk, we loaded lunch into the cooler for the Royals and loaded fluffy quilts in the truck to keep them warm. Mommy and daddy did some fun shopping and the girls needed to stay in the truck! There was lots of cozy day naps with the excitement of new sights and smells.
By the time we were ready to head home, we were all looking forward to it. Sometimes going away can be tiresome. Lady May slept the entire way home while The Princess stayed on watch, as usual.
Wake up Lady May! You're missin' out on all the good stuff!

I don't care. I just wanna go home now.
Back home, we still had some quiet time before we reopened our doors to our wonderful visitors. We unloaded our supplies and sat quietly watching telly until our sweet Hazel graced us with her presence. The next morning Sadie joined us and the fun began again!
Our temps have warmed up and we're enjoying the sunny days before our Spring rains arrive.
Did I just say SPRING! You betcha!
I think if we allow those pawsitive vibes to flow, there's a better chance of creating something wonderful. At the very least, it'll keep a smile in our heart until it arrives!
In the meantime, our visitors are still doing zoomies in the yard and having fun socializing. That is, of course, until I push the stop button and we settle for tugtoy playtime or head back indoors for some quiet nap time. The yard is still very frozen, and the lumps of icy snow can be a bit treacherous, so I'm curbing their playtime until the ground is safer. We want to keep them safe from slips and possible twisted ankles (or broken bones)
So Royal K9 Korner is open in full swing again with a full calendar up to April already! We have a super wonderful surprise coming up in February! We can't wait to blog about it. Most everyone who knows us well or has been around the last few weeks already knows. We have a BRAND NEW member of our Royal family! That's all Im going to say about that! Keep watching. We'll be blogging and posting photos soon!
In the meantime I'll be adding more photos to our Facebook albums.
Be sure to check them out here - Royal K9 Korner Facebook Albums

Monday, December 23, 2019

Merry Christmas From The Royal Pack

Rainbow Bridge took some of our paws to reign over us from above this year. Play safe dear ones.

Although your physical bodies are no longer with us, we still feel your presence.

You are forever in our hearts.

Thanks to an extended pack of wonderful dogs we've carried on this year.  We've had a few newcomers and we're so happy they've joined us.

At Royal K9 Korner it is our wish that every paw has a safe and wonderful holiday with their family.
When you sit down to your dinner this year, take a moment to think about the paws you have within your household.
Remember to take care of their needs as well. They don't understand what all the fuss is about. They only know how busy you've been. They love you and need you and trust you to be there for them to keep them safe. Through all the hectic times during the holidays, take a moment to bend down and stroke them. Look into their eyes, feel their heart, let it warm yours and smile.
If they are visiting us this holiday, we promise to do the same.
Let's watch those tails wag as they say, -
"Merry Christmas mommy and daddy. We Love You!" 

From Maverick and Hazel
From Bentley, River and Mylu
From River and Lil Molly
From Hoss and Festus

Lady May and her Royal Highness Princess MollyDawg
Stay Safe in 2020!

Friday, December 13, 2019

A Countess' Role Is Never Ending

There are just so many duties to take care of when the little Countess River visits. When there's only a few visitors present to entertain, you'd think there should be more time to relax and enjoy a quick "cat nap," NOPE! BOOM! That's when a feline will saunter atop the fence line! Time to zoom into action and guard that perimeter!
Come quickly! There's a cat on the hill!
Countess River has been kept busy doing all her duties. Has she had any time to rest her weary paws? Oh yes, she most certainly has. However, first this little darling will stand guard for us all day long. She may be little, but she makes up for her size in her attitude to defend. The little Countess has a very sharp, and high-pitched bark. There is no doubt when she has made a discovery and she will need me to tend to her attention immediately!
Go away birds! This is MY yard!

Other times The Countess wants to be left alone. If she sees you watching her, she will stroll around the grounds in a secretive manner. If you look closely, you'll see she has a toy in her mouth. She has a look about her that can best be described as looking very much like a little thief about to steal. She checks out corners and crevasses and chooses the very best place to tuck toys into. If you walk towards the place, she has just hidden a toy she will dash in front of you and take it away. She is so clever and so quick! She makes me laugh so hard. It's no wonder I get nothing else done during the day. Playing hide and seek with River and her stuffy is an all-day event!
Perfect! No one is watching!
I must be quick!
Not very concealed little one!
Sometimes they are so well buried it's hard to see them. You know they're there; you just must dig to retrieve them!
What are you talking about Mrs.? There's nothing buried there!
Trust me I can see it!
Toys are not only hidden outside in gardens and behind pots. Sometimes this sneaky little girl will find just the right place to hide them indoors. One of the best places is in the food storage area. I swear she knows; I patrol that area and thinks its the very best hiding place ever. No dogs are allowed to hang around in there. Thus, a strategically placed stuffy is absolutely safe.

Oh good grief found again!
Then off she goes to defend the house against all those sun spots and shiny reflections on the walls and floor. There is no rest until the toys are tucked safely away and the floors and walls are reflection safe zones.

Okay, I think the spot is clear now!
Only then will she scout out the best place to rest her dutiful bones.
There are just so many birds to ward off and toys to hide and shadows of who knows what to guard. My goodness when does the day ever end! You are a very good girl little Countess River and we thank you for being ever vigilant in keeping us safe and entertained. Rest well little one tomorrow is another day.