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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Hello Yeti and Welcome Back Abby To K9Korner Dog Care

A few days ago we had the pleasure of welcoming a new friend, Yeti to K9Korner. She is a 1 1/2 yr old Border Collie cross. Her stay was very short but her mom and dad say she'll be back for another visit soon. Yeti only stayed over just one night, but we sure enjoyed having her with us. She has wonderful manners and we were not surprised when she found the toy box as quickly as she did.

Hey!? You guys got any toys here?
Ah yes! Now I see them
What? Did I leave some in the bin! I'll get them next!
We cant wait for Yeti to visit again. Mom and Dad forgot how energetic a puppy can be!

Next we had a friend stay who we haven't seen for about 10 years. Abby is a Pure bred Standard Poodle who moved away when she was 2 years old. We heard she moved back to Lillooet and has now been adopted and is living with her gramma. She's a lucky girl indeed, she has two loving caring moms! Here's a couple of then and now photos of her.

Abby and Princess MollyDawg 2006
2006 - P. MollyDawg - "Hey I love the perfume on your toes, Abby."
Abby - "Thanks Molly It's called Ode Da Dog-E"
 Now at 12 years old the two Black buddies are far more dignified. There was little to no rough stuff. A few simple, greetings of, "Oh hi, how ya bin?" and then just settling to enjoy the afternoon. 

Take the pic mom, Yer cutting into our nap time.
 Lady May wasn't as thrilled and seemed to  think she was a stranger. She tolerated Abby. Mostly, we think cuz she didn't have to share her toys.
Lady May- "At least I dont have to share toys with this one"
We hope they'll both be back to see us again soon. 

Monday, May 1, 2017

Day 3 - What's so Cute about Topsy Turvey

I can do topsy turvey too ya know mom!
Okay so now mom is saying that Lady May is soo cute cuz she flips upside down to sleep. Oh come on now. Are you kidding me? What's so gud about that.

I can do that too ya know. well, I can BUT I choose not to. Why cuz it's dumb!
Who ever heard of a normal dog sleeping upside down . . . certainly NOT A ROYAL ONE!
Aww come on Princess MollyDawg, it's so relaxing to lay this way. You should really give it a try!
Besides sometimes Im only on my side with a back support
Well, and a pillow of course!
Oh good grief! Am I really part of this family!! ??
Oh the humiliation!

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Day Two Photo Challenge and Plants Galore

Okay so here it is day two of the Photo challenge that Aunty Bonny nominated mom for. Thanks a lot Aunty Bonny. Now we have to be the center of attention for 5 straight days.... Oh wait a minute... does that mean.... well Yes I guess it does. It means that each and every time she attempts to take a picture of us... there will be COOKIES involved. Oh YAHOOO!!
That also means that if I accidentally turn my head just a bit out of kilter... well, she'll have to take another pic...
Hmmmm how many cookies are left in that cookie cupboard anyway??? Hey Lady May go count cookies......

Okay well, yesterday mom and dad went into the city for some docs appointment and guess what?! WE HAD TO STAY HOME!! I know what gives with that eh? Well to be honest mom thought it might be a safer thing to do cuz it was kinda hot out and she didn't want to take a chance on us getting over heated in the truck... Personally I think it was cuz she planned to get a whole lot of plants for her flower beds and baskets etc. Ya like she was gonna fill the entire truck bed... Now that makes more sense to me.
So this is just the beginning of picture time right? We soon get loads of cookies right?

She says it's a beautiful weekend and wants to get alot of yard work done. The lawns totally need mowing and hedges need pruning. Oh and our friend Lil' Molly's dad, brought us some wire fencing to put up behind one of our hedges so the neighbourhood dogs cant keep trying to sneak into our yard. They cause alot of havoc when we have company over so now they will be fenced out.
Lady May - "Hey Molly? Does that mean we're fenced in?"
We've always been fenced in Lady May, silly girl.
Lady May - "Ohh."

Friday, April 28, 2017

A Very Different Blog Post - Day Two Photo Challenge

Yesterday I was offered a Facebook Photo challenge. I know everyone who reads this blog will be familiar with that.

Today I had planned to write a tribute to honor the memory of my beloved King. I have been drafting it up for quite a few days now. It made me cry and it made me smile and reminisce about all the wonderful times I shared in his presence. I was pretty much ready to share that post here when my dearest friend/sister sent me a Facebook Challenge. The Happy Dog Life Challenge to fight animal abuse. The challenge is to post a picture of your dog(s) for 5 straight days and nominate another dog lover....

Did she remember this day was coming? Of course she knew. Did she know my heart was aching? Yes, she knew, because I'm certain she was feeling that dull ache as well. Did she know I would need something to lift my spirits this day. Maybe. I like to think she did. There is something she may not have known. That is, that her Facebook challenge post made me save the post I had intended for this day and lock it in a sealed folder for my heart only.

So today I'm writing a more uplifting post. One that will ensure my boy smiles down at me and says, "That's the way to live your life mommy. Let my spirit only bring joy to you this day forever more." Find peace and happiness in what's positive around you. There is much to sing and laugh about if we wish to open our eyes and search for it.
Today, April 28 2017 for me, will now mark an official day of healing, happiness and yes, Survival!

Yesterday was officially my Day One of the photo challenge. I received my message from Aunty Bonny at 5:30 am so that is my start time and date.
I posted my reply with these two photos as Day One.
With my camera in hand searching for the sleeping beauties at 5:30 AM Should be easy enough to find..

Lady May - "Back off Mom! I'm still sound asleep!"
Princess MollyDawg - "You've GOT TO BE kidding me right?
She's going to be tagging along beside us for 5 DAYS!!!
Oh good grief Lady May. This is going to be a pain! "
Today the Royal girls will be taking a short trip into the city for the day. We have some important business to attend to and they must tag along with us. Day Two photos will come when we get back home.

Aright Miss Aunty Bonny, You asked for it. . . Stay tuned . . .

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Royal K9 Korner - Your Paws Are Safe With Us

A new year has unfolded. The Royals now have just two little girls. Princess MollyDawg and Lady May. We have set our sights on a brand new year and trying to live in the most positive fashion we can.
Life can be brutal if you let it. We refuse to let it keep us down.

Mom has retired and is focused on creating new and wonderful adventures. We get to be a part of it all and are very excited. The first BIG CHANGE is our name. We are now known legally as Royal K9 Korner. Mom really wanted to name us King's K9 Korner.. but you can see by the acronym that it really wasn't such a great idea. KKK Nawww

So, we are now a registered dog care facility and we're open to conduct our business in Lillooet. Mom and Lady May became certified Pet First Aider a few years ago.  So mom can make sure all our visitors stay safe. She's contemplating joining the Walks 'n Wags Pet First Aid team, by becoming an instructor!  We'll update you when things come together more in that area.

Today we thought we'd introduce you to a few of our latest guests. We'll be adding more videos and some of the fun antics that go on around here. Currently we're focused on upgrading our fencing and adding a bath station. Our goal is to make our guests have a truly, wonderful Royal visit with us.
We think we're on the road to success!

Be sure to check out our videos on King's YouTube Channel!
We'll be adding more as we take them. Thank you for visiting us.

We hope you come back really soon!

Lady May and Princess MollyDawg wait for visitors

Lady May loves to share with Lil' Molly

10 yr old Finley gets the bed to himself

Finnegan and Lady May wait to go out to play

Thursday, May 19, 2016

We Promised To Stop Crying . . .

. . . and we have. . . almost. We can look at a rainbow and smile now. We can look at the fresh blooms on the plants and trees and smile. We can look at pictures of past places we traveled as a pack and mostly smile. It's still very difficult to come home to one less ole boy who used to keep the 'girls' from going bananas over us. It's hard to brush the girls and not have our buddy move as close as he can to ensure the brush gets his big head or back instead of someone else. It's still hard to serve dinner to only two sets of eyes waiting patiently under the table, peaking out to see if they can sneak a kibble before I say eat.

We've mostly stopped crying when we think of our big shouldered boy who insisted on pushing the girls away so he was always first to get in between our legs for a cuddle as we walked by. We even mostly stopped crying when we mow the lawn and see his spot now being used by his sisters.

Does it still hurt? Boy oh boy it sure does. The intense stabbing pain has subsided now to a dull constant ache. We have even giggled once when we recalled how every day at feeding times, with out fail, he made sure to sneak into the room where I was refilling the food bin. If my eyes met his, he quick as a wink took off in the opposite direction as if to say, "Nope, it wasn't me you just saw. I'm waiting patiently under the table like a good boy mom!"

We've almost stopped now.

We were given a beautiful diamond shaped rainbow crystal. It hangs in my kitchen window over looking the back yard where we spent much of our fair weathered days. It sends a constant reminder of his healthy spirit playing over Rainbow Bridge now. Thank you Aunty Jean.

We were given a beautiful butterfly that changes it's colours in the rainbow shades to stand in our garden just under his Prayer Flags. I can watch it in the evenings and almost smile now. Thank you Holly and Taylor. Yes, we finally found the strength to hang his Flags beside his big sister, Duchess Sammy's. I didnt cry much as daddy walked up to set them just right and let his spirit fly. I hardly cried at all when I took pictures to share here.

I almost didn't cry when I saw the first beautiful monarch butterfly of the year in the garden under his flags on the same day we hung them.
I almost didn't cry when I saw the first TWO red rose buds appear the day after we hung his flags.

We didn't cry too much when we spoke to Aunty Bonny and told her we were coming to visit her and Uncle Lou on Van Is. We tried our darnedest not to cry when we told Aunty Jean we'll be seeing her then too.

We're doing pretty good at keeping our promise. We are able to smile when we touch our big boy's urn as he rests with Duchess Sammy now.
He is home with us. For as long as our hearts beat he will be with us.
He is FOREVER our Leader of The Pack.

"You have gone ahead, And nothing is the same.
Leaving paw prints on our hearts,
that will always remain"
Until We Meet Over Rainbow Bridge . . .

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Thank you

As so many already know, April 29th 2008 was the day King and his pack were rescued and saved from imminent death. On April 29th this year we received notice that King's ashes, along with his gold heart key were ready to come home to us. When we checked the mail that day, low and behold his Cuddle Clone had also arrived. We feel like his story has come to an absolute complete 360°

Many people have asked how we found this company.
When our Beloved Duchess Sammy passed away in 2013, we were devastated. I searched the internet and local shops for a plush dog I could have on my bed to resemble her likeness. I found one that was "close" to her likeness and bought it. A short while later I came across and was thrilled with the remarkable plush clones these people made. I was upset with myself for not waiting before I purchased the plushy. I vowed I would have a proper Cuddle Clone of her one day.

The table of time passed and our darling King began to age and unfortunately, recently passed over Rainbow Bridge. I can not believe I actually took time out of my grieving to go back to and revisit the possibility of having him immortalized in a plush clone. I am so happy we did. His markings are perfect! The shades of white undercoat and right down to the spots on his nose and belly fur. Remarkable! The conversation back and forth between us while his clone was being created gave me a feeling of comfort. I felt like these people could feel my grieve and really cared.

Also, a portion of each Cuddle Clone purchased goes to pet-related causes. That makes my heart feel good too.

Soon now we will complete the celebration of King's life and hang his flags along side his sister's. Once that is done, we plan to take a few days off and visit the very important people that King has brought into our lives.

To be continued . . .