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Sunday, December 5, 2021

Welcome Young Dobby

We've had the pleasure of meeting 1 year old Dobby!
Yep, that's right just like in Harry Potter. Mom and dad tell me this Dobby also loves socks! I better keep my laundry basket up high.
He was adopted from Mexico last year and now has an older brother named Hank living at home with him. Dobby's mom and dad would like to introduce him to a few new friends so his joining our extended pack.

He'll be coming for a trial visit in a couple of weeks and we're excited to get to know him better. For now, Lady May will have to cope with this energetic boy and his desire to get her to play.

Hey! Come on let's play!

Dobby is a shy boy in new surroundings but seems to settle in pretty quickly. When he feels relaxed he's eager to play and explore. Once we get to know Dobby better, we're hopeful we can match him up with another playmate who suits his needs. If you think you're sweetie would be a good playmate, feel free to text me and we'll try to set up a playday with Dobby! 

I'm going to keep bugging you until you play ya know!

Dobby calling for another playmate!

Saturday, December 4, 2021

Marchioness lil Molly Meets Diesel - Confidence Plus

I always have my eyes and ears open and I'm ready to jump in quickly when it's time for our lil Molly to meet a new dog on site. Sometimes I ask her daddy to stay on site for an introduction. Thank you Dave for agreeing on more than one occasion.

The Two Molly's and Lady May Aug. 2018

Molly has been with us since she was 8 weeks old. She earned her name because our own girl was also named Molly and we needed a distinction. This little Molly soon morphed into 'lil' Molly before she gained her Marchioness status. She has become more than just a regular visitor to us. She has earned her part into our family and often tries to remind other dogs, this is her domain.

Well it's not really your domain little girl. It's Lady May's and we set the rules. Your job is to politely greet new comers and have FUN! 

And so came the day Diesel would be here at the same time. Sage was also scheduled for that day and I had to make sure I was firmly wearing my 'leadership pants' I took a deep breath, shook off any tension and held Diesels loose lead firmly. I'm quite certain Dave's presence played a large part in her great behaviour that morning. The two dogs did their slow greeting circles and then quietly moved apart to check out the new smells of the day. Whew, that was easy! Thanks Dave you can go to work now, I'll take it from here! (oh good grief)
By the time little Sage arrived these two had been in and out several times and had marked all the areas as 'their  own' several times over. Lil Molly easily took a step back for Diesel and Diesel didn't even blink an eye. Such confidence in these two earns respect with very little effort.

So why do I have to wear this lead then?
Lunch time eyes. Don'cha just want to cuddle them ALL
Watching how the dynamics played out that day was very interesting. I saw the subdued little Sage that doesn't show herself very often. Sage often rolls over to others with seeming affectionate kisses, in an attempt to get them to play with her. Her persistent 'in your face' behaviour can sometimes be an annoyance to the others who simply turn a lip to her or offer a quiet growl to ward her off. There may have been other morning activities, before coming to daycare, that played a role in her calm behaviour, but it was so nice to see how very respectful she was to all three seniors.
Sage gives special gentle kisses to Diesel

Three amigos: calm, quiet and content.
Sage, Diesel and lil Molly
By the end of the day, lil Molly was choosing to lay close to her new buddy Diesel. It's hard to remember why I was concerned about their introduction. Diesel will always be welcomed back and hopefully he will have more opportunity to meet our other extended pack.
Stay safe everyone!

Henry, Oh Henry!

We are happy to welcome 14 month old Henry! (hound/beagle/lab cross)  During his meet and greet back in Nov. Henry was so excited about these new surroundings. Things here are so full of different doggy sights and smells. His hound blood surged through him and sent him over the top. He was super exuberant, and super stoked to be visiting. He just had to jump and paw and smell EVERYTHING.

Henry working up to a big take off. Ready, Set, . . .
Outside would have been the perfect place for him to spend some time this day. However, time was limited and we still needed to bring Henry indoors to meet with Lady May. We wanted to allow him to check out the indoor surrounding and we needed to complete some paperwork. 
This was an almost impossible feat for Henry that day. We kept Lady May separated from him and decided to meet another day. Henry was super happy and very willing to meet her.
We kept the gate closed, and left it for another day.

Awww come on, let me in there NOW!

My concern was Lady May's inability to ward off his super happy physical attention. His big paws could easily have set her off and the result would not have been pleasant.  Being able to sit quietly was just not possible for this young boy that day.
Mom and I quickly exchanged info and filled out the paperwork. We setup another day for Henry to visit. I made the suggestion to have Henry take part in a few training sessions to help him gain a better handle on some impulse control. I'm happy to announce Henry is enrolled in puppy training and doing FABULOUS!
Henry had already been to a couple of sessions by the time he returned for an over night visit. There was already a marked improvement in his behaviour. He was a prefect gentle man. 

Henry - "How do you do Your Royal Highness Lady May. I'm pleased to finally meet you."

When little Miss Suzy Q came to visit that day we made sure to give him an opportunity to greet her appropriately as well. His trainer stayed to remind Henry of good social etiquette. We wanted to ensure a higher success certainty. It didn't take long for Henry to catch on to how he needed to behave in order to be allowed to meet the new little girl. Good Boy Henry!

Okay, Now can we go outdoors?
You bet Henry! Now we can get on with enjoying the social part of Royal K9 Korner and we know everyone will stay safe! There are many more new buddies for you to meet! Oh boy. We'll sure be asking alot of you puppy Henry!
Henry - "Aww come on new friend. Let's play!"
Suzy Q - "No thanks. You've been great but, Im tired from keeping an open eye on you."

Henry is a very smart young boy and his trainer  has a good eye for what Henry needs.
Well done Kathi Mathwig!
Also kudos to mom and dad for following through! I know you'll benefit from Henry's new composure and I know the dogs on site here will as well ;)

Henry - "Are you to tired to play as well?"
Lady May - "Yup. you're right"

Not a peep all night long. Henry hopefully dreaming of his new friends
and lots of future fun in store for him
Thank you for being such a wonderful boy. You're inching your way into my heart really fast!
I'm looking forward to many more daycare visits with you good boy. Stay calm!
See you soon!

Sunday, November 28, 2021

Playdays for the 'Monkey Girls'

We went from a calm relaxed few days to a zoom filled romping day over night. Young Khione and Miss Sadie have been waiting patiently for a play-day for quite some time. My calendar has been full and there hasn't been an opportunity to fit them in. Finally I was able to say, "Yes, come on over!" There was only Sage visiting that day and it would be a great chance for her to burn some energy.

Yes, such lovely and sweet little Monkeys. Don't be fooled by a still photo.
Hey, if you're going to race, be careful. I'll be referee."

Miss Sadie happy to announce she won the race to the mat
Khione - "Ya, well, I let her win!"

Sage, "Hey, look what I found"
Speaking of finding things. Sage has created a new game. I think she learned it from our previous visitor Miss Hazel. I'm sure everyone recalls how Hazel spent so much time under the chair. Well here's another giggle for you.

What this short video doesn't show, is how Sadie girl steps in from time to time to make sure this play doesn't get out of hand. Although Sadie has never had puppies, and she is only a few years older than these girls, she behaves very much like a matron to these youngsters.  Many times Sadie is laying on the sidelines of their play, watching. She seems to provide a safety zone for Khione to go for a timeout.
Good girl Sadie!  We're sure happy you keep the play safe here.

Khione - "Thank you Sadie. I needed a break"

Sadie - "Is everything alright here?"
Khione - "Yep, I almost have her."

Sage - "Do we really have to nap now?"
Khione - "Yes, Sadie said so"

Shhhhhh It's quiet time.

Sage - "I'm positive we've already had quiet time."

We had a really wonderful day. The sun was shining and actually giving some warmth to the ground. We were able to come and go inside and out with out being soaked.
Thank you Sadie and Khione's moms for being so patient while we found a day to accommodate
these three little monkeys.

We hope you can all come back again soon

So Long Diesel. Stay Safe Boy.

Diesel sporting his
new bowtie & RK9K tag

Diesel went back with his dad a few days ago. I know he must be over the moon with happiness. Diesel was an exceptional boy while he visited but it was obvious how much he really wanted to be with his dad. Sometimes, even though they may have to endure a bit of discomfort, the best place for our companion is by our side. By the end of the 5th day, Diesel was beginning to settle into daycare very well. He opened up to the other dogs in care and began searching through the toys. His tail began to wag more often, and he no longer shadowed me. He was relaxed enough to seek out more areas in the yard on his own and came running back when I called him. He is a very, calm, and loving boy. He accepted my ear scrunches and gentle stroking of his silky coat. He placed his head on my lap often and just sighed. There were so many times I would see him stand and watch longingly out the gate and see those same deep sighs. The way his chest heaved, and his ears perked up when a similar sounding vehicle to his dads drove by. His almost silent whines and wide eyes, they touched my heart. I knew what he wanted most of all, but I couldn't give it to him. Diesel is so loyal and devoted to his dad. They have been side by side since puppyhood, for 9 years. His dad placed him with us because he knew it was a temporary safer environment for his buddy. Finally, dad said Diesel could safely be back with him. I know Diesel has to remain in the truck while dad works but I also know Diesel would much rather do that and see his dad out the window. He'd had a few days here with running and stretching his legs and meeting others. He was ready to be back with dad.

Of all the toys in the bins, Diesel chooses a Kong. Smart boy.
Off we go to stuff it.
Little Sage - relaxed by Diesel's calmness

Diesel enjoys a peanut butter oatmeal stuffed Kong.

Really, honestly, I'm just warming it for the daddy
Thank you for visiting us! You are ever welcome here Diesel. I hope we have an opportunity to be together again one day. Stay safe big buddy!

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Shanti & Bentley and Two New Boys

Shanti and her mom and dad safely arrived back to their home last Saturday! Whew, what a scary time they had. We were happy to be able to accommodate their precious little 10-year-old bulldog mix, Shanti, while they stayed elsewhere in town. Shanti and her Mom and Dad say, "Thank-you for the generosity and hospitality of  the Lillooet Community!"
They will visit our town again on brighter days.  We will gladly welcome them again with open arms!

During Shanti's visit with us she had the opportunity to spend one day with Sir Bentley. 'Our' Sir Bentley is a very social happy 3 yr. old Border Collie cross. It was no surprise when he met Shanti with a smile, full of energy and ready to play. Shanti was happy to meet Bentley though she seemed a bit hesitant. Bentley is very good at reading/listening to other dog friends. He was bursting to zoom with her, but he allowed Shanti some space to feel safer with him. What a good boy Bentley! I had to laugh at their indoors toy play time together. Shanti had already been here 3 days by then and already 'claimed' a few toys as her own. Bentley has a few he likes to play with when he visits as well. It so happened that one of his favs was on Shanti's mat. He kept looking at me as if to say," She has my fav toy! Am I allowed to take it back? Of course, Bentley would never do that. He simply waits for her to release it or just goes to find another. Believe me there's loads to choose from.
She chooses just the right toy and happily brings it back to her mat to play with.

By the time Bentley arrived she had already laid claim to quite a few.
Bentley - "I think I'll let her have that one."

Bentley - "The purple chewy dumbbell is my favourite but I'm sharing with Shanti."

You ARE such a good boy Bentley.
Thank you for visiting us and making Shanti feel welcome to our extended Pack.

Welcome 14 month old Henry!

The day Shanti and her family left we had a Meet & Greet with Henry!  His mom texted me back in July asking for one after he was neutered in Sept. He's been waiting, and we finally had an opportunity to welcome him.  Thank you for your patience mom!

Henry is a mixed breed hound/lab/retriever with a super exuberant personality. His nose and his booming voice fit his breeding and his energy fits his age. We weren't able to do a safe full meeting between him and Lady May just yet. They only met briefly with a gate between them. His excitement with his new surroundings and all the doggy smells of our house were just too much for his sensitive senses. Henry is currently booked to begin training sessions soon. He'll be spending this weekend with us. I better get my sleep! I already know he's going to test my energy against his. We welcome you into our pack Henry.
You really have a wonderful personality!

Welcome 9 year old Diesel!

The very next day we had an unexpected drop in visitor from Diesel, a 9 year old purebred Red Bone Coonhound and his dad. They currently hail from Kamloops, but his dad is among those working on the railway slide just outside of the Lytton area.  Diesel has been on the job-site with his dad for the last week. He's not had much time to just be a dog. Much of his time has been in the truck so dad could keep him safe.  Diesel has been a very good boy on the job site but dad knew it was best for Diesel to be in a daycare where he would have more freedom to stretch his legs and sleep better at night. Thanks to a Google search, dad found us!
To borrow a coined expression from a the past. "How Cool is that?"

Diesel warms my heart when I hear his beautiful voice. He brings back memories of our Duchess Sammy and her beautiful howls.We're not sure how long Diesel will spend his days with us. He sure is a wonderful boy and true to his breed. Even-tempered, mellow, and kindly. He's spending time during the day with little Sage. The polar opposites!  Such a fun week!

Little Sage and her mom have been out of town for a few weeks. We are happy to Welcome them both back. Lady My was actually quite pleased to see Sage again. I laughed at Sage's funny little submission behaviours. She is just so 'damn' cute!
Hi Lady May! Did you miss me?"
"Hi Big Red Dog! I think I love you"

Try as she may, Sage could not entice The Big Red dog to play. Diesel was very much interested in who might be driving by. At one point while I was throwing the ball for Sage, he decided to join in the chase but quickly resumed his vigil. Sage just sat on the hill above him in confusion. I'm sure he'll join in sooner or later Sage. We just have to give him some time sweetie. 

Sage - "Why you not chasing me big dog?
Look I have the ball"

Sage - "I'm showing him how to sit nice for cookies, right Lady?
I should get double. Right?"

Today little Suzy Q joined us for the day. We played outdoors and everyone helped me rake more leaves while we waited for Sage to arrive. Well everyone stayed outdoors with me, but no one really helped!  What a job! Why didn't I buy that leaf raker last year? (Oh ya we bought 'Cora') {sigh}

Suzy Q - "Gramma, you better get back to those leaves.
It might snow soon"

Soon Sweet Sage arrived and I was able to take a break! Oh Goodie! Thank you little Sage.
It must be cookie time. Diesel shows little to no interest in the girls. What a great way to gain their respect. Even the usual over the top silliness of little Sage was subdued this morning. Thus I am sitting down to do some writing! I better quit while Im ahead. Let's see if the calm holds out long enough for me to get some photos posted to Facebook!
Stay safe everyone! Please don't travel unless it's essential!

Yay! More cookies! Smile everyone!

Friday, November 19, 2021

Shanti Meets Koda and Bentley

 Shanti had plenty of time to get used to our yard and all the toys. Koda wasn't due to arrive until just after1 pm. It was a perfect relaxed day for her and she made good use of it to investigate every inch. At first she stayed close by Lady May, but soon wandered off further.

Lady May - "Im just going to relax here in the grass Shanti. You can go play if you want to"

Wow, this is kinda like an adventure for me. So many sights so many smells!

I found a ball here! I wonder who left it here?
The strawberries are covered for the winter so she wasn't able to try them out but she did get a good snuffle in them. I missed that picture! Drat!
I think I can smell some of that wonderful white stuff.
I tagged along behind as her curiosity diminished. She made her way back to the basement door mat. She sat her little bottom down on the heated mat and just smelled the cool air for a while. Such a little darling. She knew where to head back when she had enough outdoor time. So in we went and cozied on a mat in between toy time and lunch time. 
I really like these tuff chew toys! I have to tell my dad to buy me some!
Soon it was time for Koda to arrive. I was glad I had spent ample time with Lady May and Shanti.  I knew Koda (read Koda's M&G here) would be worried when his dad left him alone. Day care is very new to him and this would be a big challenge for him.  I made sure to put a good sized halter on him for safety. You all know how much I despise tugging on a dogs collar. Dad was wonderful and agreed to do a walk around the yard together with Koda before he left.  I believe it gives an added bit of peace of mind and to feel safer. Having dad stay a bit longer was good in an effort to make being left, less stressful. Leaving when a dog is calm is so much easier on them and us. More so than having them frantically tugging and crying at the gate. We walked with Dad walked back to the gate. Dad said, "See ya buddy. You stay" and off he drove.  Koda watched in silence. What a hard thing, but what a good boy! We spent awhile outdoors alone before going in to meet Shanti and reintroduce Lady May.
Did I hear my dad's truck??

Okay I'll check out the yard and smells here but I'm listening for dad.
Koda - "I'm still watching and listening for my dad though."

For the first while, as expected Koda became more worried. He really wanted to stand by the gate and watch. I always allow some time for them to pine their mom and dad. Then I step in and redirect and distract them away. A dog will continue to watch and they tend to get themselves into a state of heavy anxiety if allowed to go on.  Even though Koda really didn't want to leave the gate, he did comply when I used my knee to gently push him into the direction away from the gate. He was hesitant when I tugged on the halter but slowly allowed himself to be redirected to the house. Then he walked with a loose lead. It was time to go indoors where there was more distractions and less opportunity to see the road. He even settled enough to relax on the porch with Lady May It didn't take long for that to be too much for him. Seeing people coming and going and cars on the road I put up my doorway gate and had him stay indoors. He still could look out but his vision was limited. Slowly, minute by minute we went through the day.

Koda- "Oh good I can see the gate"

Shanti was very excited to meet a new dog and had trouble remaining calm enough to allow for free time together with Koda in his current state of concern. He stood politely still and allowed a greeting by Shanti. When it was time to reciprocate the 'hello' Shanti moved just a bit to fast and scared Koda. I see no reason to introduce dogs further when the possibility of them having to be buddies is pretty much zilch in the future. So up went my barrier fence and the day progressed in safe separation.  Walking on lead back and forth, every so often. Making sure each one passed the other on lead a little closer, always a safe distance between, but close enough to touch noses or body when they seemed ready.  One in each yard with a fence separating them and always on lead.  Koda relaxed well enough for the better part of the afternoon. I even dropped the gates for a short time.

"Shanti - "But I only want to play with you!"
Koda - "Yes, I know, but I'm not ready!"

Shanti obligingly staying comfy in a gated off area while Koda stretches to relax.

Shanti decided she may as well nap in the crate if she's going to be here anyway.

Koda made it through the first 3 1/2 hours with loads of cuddles and ear scrunchies, belly rubs and bum rubs. We brushed his back end and scratched his shoulders and head and neck for him. We had a few cookies. We had a calm play afternoon full of redirection and distractions. Koda had his fill of us and was more determined to get home by the time 4:30 came around. He saw a car across the street that may have reminded him of his own. He wanted home NOW! I could feel his desperation and texted mom and dad like we had agreed earlier. Koda's mom came to pick him up and he was over the moon.

Is my mom coming to get me now?

Yes, Koda, mom is on her way. We'll do another short day, soon for you buddy. You're a very good boy and I look forward to another visit with you.  Thank you for your patience with us today buddy!

Shanti and Lady May are gaining more comfort with each other. Its so cute to see little Shanti cozy up beside her. They sleep like angels at night and have a renewed energy for the morning.
Good thing.
The next day it was Bentley's turn to meet Shanti.

After Koda went home Shanti and Lady May crashed.
Using mental energy is tiring as well as physical.

Get some sleep sweeties. Tomorrow is another big day.

Snow arrived and Shanti had a great play day with Bentley!
I'll post their day soon!