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Monday, March 27, 2023

Welcome 8 Year Old Kaia and 9 Month Old Brother, Kona.

Last Friday, we had a fun morning Meet & Greet and a short playtime in the afternoon. Two sweet Australian Shepherds, Kaia and Kona are being Welcomed to Royal K9 Korner!

Kaia - "But you're staying here too right dad?"
Kona - "No, it's ok sis.
I saw toys and cookies galore here!"
  Their mom and dad made a 2 hour drive to the
  Meet & Greet with us.  I'm so happy they did.
  I know it can be pretty inconvenient to travel that
  distance just for daycare. These two darlings will be
  visiting us over Easter. Mom and dad set up daycare
  in advance. Exactly what I try to promote to so
  many.  Mom and dad were not leaving their darling's
  needs to the last minute.
  Thank you for allowing us the pleasure of bringing
  them into our home.
     We can't wait for Easter 

You're right Kona. We have lots of toys for you. Kaia is a squeaky toy lover and Kona hasn't quite decided what his favourite toy type is yet. He loves them all. He especially loves to zoom and jump and charge around the yard.
Well, or course he does! He's a PUPPY! (oh boy, here we go again) I'm happy Kaia comes long!
Both have learned the important daycare manners. Even though this is their first visit with us, this is not there first daycare visit. It didn't take long for me to remove their safety leads during the free visit time.

Kona- "Come on Kaia. I have your squeaky ball! Catch me if you can!"
Kaia - "Maybe I'll choose another."

That's just what Kaia did. We had Khione and Lupin visiting the day before and I'm sure there is lots of fresh doggy scent on these toys. The smell was as fun as playing with them.
It wasn't long before Kona decided that pool looked inviting and came to check out what Kaia had found.

Kona - "She can't see me. I'll sneak a toy when she's not looking."
Kaia - "No, you wont Kona. I know you're there."
Before to long Kaia had discovered the perfect toy for her. A squeaky, cloth covered ball. Off she ran with it with her puppy brother in tow. Oh, I laughed! Up and down, back and forth and round and round they went. Finally Kaia allowed Kona a piece of the ball and 'tug' began. 

Kona - "See, I knew I cud catch you Kaia!"
Kaia - "You only have it, cuz I gave you a corner. Silly puppy brother."

When it was indoors time, Kona found the basket of toys on the porch and made short work of sorting them for me. thank you Kona. Hard toys to one side, shredded toys to another and front and foremost were the squeakys. I was wondering where all those were. Good work Kona! Thanks.
Kaia showed very little interest in the toys. She discovered she could see the front gate from the porch and went into sentry duty. I know little girl, mom and dad wont be long now. It's rest time for a bit first.

Kona toy sorting. Such a great helper. Thanks buddy!

Lady May was undecided if she wanted to rest or continue to play. Kona seemed to bring out play mode in her. It was nice to see her smile this day. 

Kaia -"Good, you two can play. I'm having a rest."
They did finally all rest for awhile but it wasn't long before puppy Kona found a 'just right' squeaky Frisbee and out the door we went again.

Comfortable but still playing. Such a puppy!

Kaia found a cool shady spot to lay while Kona did his best to entice her into play. 

Kona stays close to Kaia I'm sure ever hopeful she'll change her mind.

I'm sure when we have other visitors, Kona's attention will be distracted and the focus on Kaia will decrease. Although she really doesn't seem bothered by him. She certainly keeps him in line.

Kona- Yay! Thanks Kaia, Let's Go!
Kaia - "If I must."

Kaia is a very good big sister and Kona seems to love being by her side. Kaia found more important things to do and see and smell than just the toys. She spent time searching the entire yard and took in all the scents of all the other visitors. Kona stayed right by her side to help her.

Kona - "What did you find Kaia? Is it important?"
Kaia - "Yes, Kona. Smelling everything is very important."
There will be many more fresh scents for them before they return next month. I'm hopeful they'll be back many more times after that. They are a lovely pair and I'd love to see them meet more of our extended pack.
Welcome Kaia and Kona!
Kona and Kaia showing they know polite manners before heading outdoors.
Good dogs!

Saturday, March 25, 2023

Who's The New Boy?

We're welcoming Sage's big brother, 13.5 year old, Loki.
He's a darling senior and we're very happy he's joining us. Loki is an Icelandic Sheepdog and what a cutie he is.  If you think this old boy is a sit around and relax guy, think again! He's raring to go and one of his favourite games is 'fetch'.

Sage is a very good sister to Loki even though she's really a zoomie, chase me girl. She treats Loki with dignity and respect.
They have fun playing rough and tumble games but Loki keeps her in check. He's a great, big brother for her and she seems to give Loki just the right amount of energy to keep him fit and alert.
When it's ball time, Loki keeps his focus on where 'his' ball is headed and Sage keeps a ball in her mouth as she runs along side of him. No need to throw two balls for this game. They both get the required romp and I save some energy. 

Loki has undergone a surgery recently but you really wouldn't know it. He's had a cancerous cyst removed from his neck and all has turned out well for him.
Loki also experiences body tremors which seem to have no affect on his overall health or behaviours. What they do result in, is a wiggly bottom and a wagging tail whether he's happy or not.
He's an adorable little fellow and we're so happy he's joined our Royal buddies. 

 During our M&G Loki found the toy bins easily and chose all his favourites before sister Sage could grab them. He's willing to share his toys with her but only if she asks politely.  Fortunately for Sage, she loves to carry her toys around so a choice usually only happens once. 

Loki chooses a toy before Sage sees him.

Loki meets Matron Sadie.

Lokie and Sage visited during Matron Sadie's time with us. I have to admit, I have a very special place in my heart for seniors. I love these 2 seniors for sure. They are both so well adjusted and meeting each other was calm and polite.  They listened to each other and gave the respect each deserved.  Sadie was not her usual self this day, due to her mom's health concerns and I swear, dogs know.  They said "hello' and went their own way.
Loki walks around with the biggest smile all day. Such a happy little man. 

Sage- "Why you smilin'? You gettin' cookies?"
Loki - "Nope, I jus happy dawg!"

See! Happy!
Loki's vision may be dimming and his hearing may not be up to par, but it has in no way affected his personality. This little man is ever so welcome in our home and we're looking forward to many more visits.
Sage and Loki choose just the right play toy for house time.
Welcome senior Loki.

Friday, March 24, 2023

A Fun Reunion, An Introduction & A First Bath

It's been a long time since Countess River and Sir Bentley visited together. They were finally able to meet for a playday last week. I love the energy and friendship between these two. Both just want to play and run after\with a ball.
Sir Bentley has the tendency to fixate on the ball and never misses a beat. He watches which ball is his and waits until it’s thrown before he goes for it. Countess River on the other hand is more a hunter/searcher girl. If there’s a ball thrown she’s after it unless something distracts her. Like a sunbeam!

River - "Hey! Wait! I think I saw something shiny!"

They’re both full of fun and happiness and love to be engaged. The weather was warm, the sun was shining and the ground was dry. Perfect outdoor play conditions. River has recovered from surgery, not long ago and is also healing a sore front leg. I kept a very close eye on her movements. Happily she doesn't seem to be showing any residual soreness or stiffness. Just a lot of happy play.

Check out a short video clip of outdoor fun here - Here
By the time Sir Bentley was close to heading home, we were all ready for a nap and everyone was smiling. Even our very own Lady May. She can no longer participate in ball play but she is very eager to stick close to “ball dawgs” Riv & Bentley during play or rest time. She will ask to be moved close to them and keeps a smile on her face and ball between her paws. That’s her way of participating.
It's nap time now right?  Yes, sweetie go to sleep and I'll prepare lunch for you.

Countess River takes a much needed break before puppy Bailey arrives

On the morning of the day Countess River was to head home, 8 month old Squire Bailey arrived for his weekend visit. I was happy his dad had time to stay for the introduction. I knew Riv would be tired and Bailey would be raring to go. Bailey has met several dogs in his few months but is still learning impulse control. He is still growing and learning about his body size and his weight.  River is a little tuffy even though she's petite. I felt a need stay close and to protect her from any over affectionate pounces from the large, happy, puppy Bailey. I really didn't have to worry, River can take care of herself just fine and let Bailey know quickly when he was getting out of control. Very well done Countess! You are such a good girl! 

Bailey - "Okay! I heard you! You don't have to yell!"
The two played together very well indoors and I kept young Bailey on lead during outdoor play. There was enough energy release during the day for them to crash early and sleep peacefully that night. I'm sure as Bailey learns from the seniors, he's going to be one great playmate!

When I love puppies the best!

The next day was a very special day for young Bailey. His mom and dad asked if I could introduce him to a bath. It was still too chilly for an outdoor bath, so I filled up the bathtub while Bailey watched from the edge. We played with it for a while as he happily lapped at the running water and enjoyed special liver treats.
When it was time to try getting in, our daddy helped to lift Bailey over the edge. He sat like a very good boy and only whimpered a time or two until he realized it was nice and warm and quite comfortable. I lathered him up and soaped him down and rinsed him off with out a hitch. What an excellent bath boy you are Bailey!  

Sudsy boy Bailey first bath!

After a few more cookies, a nice fluffy towel off and fur tussle Bailey decided to cozy and fall asleep.

Clean, warm and cozy
Bailey has the most beautiful coat.  His thick back and shoulder fur is long, sleek, shiny and parted down the middle. His long lower back fur is the curliest I've seen in a long time. It's hard to capture it on camera but believe me, it's adorable.
Clean and shiny
The sun was shining and there was actually a bit of warmth to it so we headed outdoors for a short while. Of course I kept a lead on him so there was no chance of a roll in a dirt patch.  When we cam back indoors he promptly found Lady May to cozy beside. He seems to love that with her and often tries to unsuccessfully tempt her into play. She's an old girl now Bailey. You'll have to try another buddy another day boy.
Watch his video here Bailey Tries To Initiate Play With Lady May
 It was a full day for Bailey, and after a yummy filled kong, he fell fast asleep and waited for his dad to pick him up.
Bailey - "Oh man I love doggy daycare!"
See you again soon Bailey. There are lots more buddy's  waiting for you and now you're all clean and ready to meet them!

Okay so maybe you're not so bad after all. BUT, You're a PUPPY! Drat!
If you know me at all, you know, I am not a puppy lover.  I have to admit, watching him learn makes me smile. Okay, maybe I love you puppy Bailey. Well, only Sort'a, 'cuz, after all you ARE a puppy!

Thursday, March 9, 2023

A Letter From Sadie to Her Mommy

 Hi Mom! I hope ur feelin ok. I been a rilly good girl vizitin Lady May at her howz. She had other vizitrz 2. You member Sage? Well, her brothr Loki came to vizit wif her 2.  They waz rilly nice 2 me. I fink they noed I waz a bit wureed bout you been in the hopsital. They politely axt me 2 play but I dint want to.

Hey Sadie, Wanna play ball wif us?
Sadie- "No fanks"
So they jest play by demselvz. 
I mizz u mom but Im ok heer.
Okay Maybee next time
The lady sez I em like family heer. I stay quiet and eat good and the man makez my tale wiggle.

Sage - "Scuz me Lady May, Kin I fget that ball pleez?
Lady May - "If You Must."

Tell Peachez I saw her play in the yard yezterday I cried but I got better soon. The other dogz brought me toys and I sorta walked away. Itz beddr wen I stay in the back yard.
I no u wil be home soon but I will stay heer.Wen U feel beddr I will take cair of U jeszt like U took cair of me wen I had sougjeree.
It wil bee my tourn. Stay in bed mom and rezt. I lov u n mizz u.
Luv ur Bezt dog Sadie

Get Well Mommy. See U sooon

Sunday, March 5, 2023

In Like a Lion

The first days of March brought snow and freezing winds. I know it won’t last, and we’re on our way towards Spring. “In Like a Lion …” Right?  Man, oh man, it certainly entered with a roar. I sure hope it exits like a lamb. 

Bailey and Khione and Ruby loved every minute of it. They still have their winter coats on and are oblivious to the temps. I have to admit I’m tired of sporting a scarf, boots, and a heavy coat. If only I was fur covered and just had to walk out the door. Khione only stayed a day but it gave her ample enough time to play with young Bailey.

Squire Bailey - "Look Lady Khione, I bring you toys"
Lady Khione - "I will look later."

Her demeanour has softened around the youngster now. I’m sure it’s from being with her puppy brother at home. She was very tolerant of Bailey’s persistent play nudges, barks and bows. She would simply lay in place and look the other way. She chose playtime and the rules for the game. 

Khione selects the toys. Bailey hopes its his favourite tug toy.

A wonderful way for Bailey to brush up on acceptable social skills. Such a good girl you are Lady Khione.  When she finished with a toy and only then, she walked away and left it to Bailey.

Khione- "Enjoy my left overs."
Bailey - "Oh goody I like this one"

The snow disappeared in a couple of days and the sun shone through. Sweet Sir Lokie also joined us for a day visit and met the ‘Wrangatangs’, Ruby and Bailey. There was a short meeting between them and the remainder of the day they were kept separate. Loki enjoyed ball time with me and quiet time with Lady May. He went home happy and tired. 

Loki sauntering during a quiet moment with the "Wrangatangs' - Ruby and Bailey
The rules for a 'Wrangatang' game are pretty clear and simple. You must take turns. However, be sure to go Nuts! Zoom! Tug hard. Tussle and bite necks and legs and tails continuously. Lunge and jump and land heavily on the opponent. Ignore all other dogs, jump over them for extra points. Avoid smashing into them if they are in your way. Continue until the Lady of the house calls, “take a break’.  Then repeat, All-Day-Long, into the night unless separated by a gate. If so, leap it, points lost if you get caught. Sleep only when forced, eat if you must. Play hard and have fun. Points lost if you do not stop when House Lady calls ‘take a break’.
How long do we have to break for?

 After meal time is very difficult for these two. I insist on quiet, downtime for at least 2 hours for them.That means almost no contact. They are so sweet during this time but I hold firm. I refuse to have an unexpected emergency vet trip in the middle of the night due to GVD . They still try for rougher play or to go over the divider fence but I stand directly beside them and watch. They will share toys through a fence and whine to be closer. It's ok sweeties, I promise it wont be much longer. 

Bailey - "I miss  you Ruby. When can I bite you again?"
Ruby - "I know. I miss you too Bailey."
Later this week I have a return visit from Loki with his sister Sage and our Matron Sadie
I'm thinking this will be my 'Mellows' week.

So the first few weeks of March daycare, "in like a lion, and out like a lamb?"  I'm sure ready for it.

Thursday, February 23, 2023

What Week Away?

The best laid plans, go awry. I took a week off to head for some family visiting with my daughter. Nope, it didn’t happen. Instead, I was laid up in bed with an aching sore throat coupled with massive chest and sinus congestion. What a yuckie cold. I had such a fun time planned. Drat!
Lady May and I rested in bed and watched NetFlix until we fell asleep
I guess, to look at the positive side, I had no dogs scheduled and I was able to rest in bed most of the time.  Lots of soup and tea, vitamins and cough syrup and boxes of tissue.
By the time the dogs were due back, I only had the sniffles and was feeling almost 100%.
Sigh. . . Life.
I’ll try for a weekend away in March. The temps have dropped to below 0 again and I'm doing my best to keep bundled up. We’re into our February Winter. 

Maya - "Okay you guys come on now, let's play ball"

This week’s dogs didn’t seem to mind a bit. In they came, bringing me their cuddles and wagging their tails. Lupin and Lou and Maya, spent very little time doing a polite greeting before they jumped right into the 'Cora' game.

I saw about the very same meeting between Coco and Sage. It seems 'Cora' really is a favourite of the visitors. 
 Sage brought her new sibling brother. Loki. A brand new senior visitor to Royal K9 Korner, 13.5 year old Lokie! Welcome buddy!
I’ll be doing up a post about this new man soon.
Senior Loki learning a new rule, sit before we head outdoors.
It's been a full week and March is shaping up to keep me busy as well
I'll post a few random photos from the week on Facebook. I hope you enjoy.
Please stay healthy. That cold was a whopper!

Sunday, February 12, 2023

Ruby's Week

During Ruby’s week-long visit, she had a few doggy buddies to keep her happy and entertained. When one went home, she played contentedly alone or with me or she just rested.  Like so many of our visitors, Ruby is developing wonderful self discipline, has very good manners and is a pleasure to have around.
There was just the right amount of time to unwind between visitor for Ruby. First to stop by, was 7-month-old energetic ‘never let you stop’ puppy, Bailey. He's  proving to be one of Ruby’s favourite playmates. He’s just the right size, built rugged and he doesn’t tire easily. 

I had planned to get my raking done while the two played happily. However, I spent too much time laughing and watching them play. The raking had to wait. Bailey came back for a second visit later in the week and their play started all over again. So much energy, so much fun.

In between Bailey’s visits, came Matron Sadie. Her day was more of an ’in need of respite’ day and sweet Ruby was agreeable to that. Although she tried a few times to tempt Sadie into play. It was a polite invitation that Sadie decided to turn down. At home, Sadie tends to her puppy sister, Peaches. She was ready for a break and quite happy to just saunter the yard and relax. Despite Ruby's attempts to wrangle her into play mode, Sadie actually provided a great opportunity for a bit of gentle play and quite time for Ruby.

Ruby - "Umm . . . s'cuse me? I fink dis doggy needs a better toy. She wont play.

Sadie enjoyed her short day visit with Ruby with out having to rough and tumble. Sometimes it's great just to get away from one's own yard. We love you Sadie and welcome you to come visit us anytime you need a breather!

Sadie - "Sanks, I like coming here for a Peaches break! I feel better now. Can  go home soon?"

The day before it was home time for Ruby she had yet another ‘just my type’ buddy visit from Sir Henry. They spent a wonderful day together. Being hounds means these two love the very same things. Their noses are usually in the wind or snuffling on the ground. Although this visit there didn't seem to be much time in between romps, just checking things out for the two hounds. They played hard and continuous during their entire visit.

Henry - "It's mine! Give it back!"
Ruby - "I had it first!"
After meal times requires quiet time and no playing is allowed. That was like a dreaded jail time for these two. Henry put on his best pouty face and offered tiny moaning whines until they actually fell fast asleep. Finally resting quietly until they were allowed to rough 'n tumble again.

Ruby was ready for home and super happy to see her mom and dad by the time they arrived. It was finally her time to head out the gate. She gave me a quick see you another time glance, a quick forced kiss and out the gate she went!
Henry slipped into the living room crate and fell fast sleep the minute Ruby left. I'm pretty certain, he was fully and properly pooped out!

The dogs have all been so well behaved. They keep me on my toes and I love them all!

I must say I’m ready for a break.
I’ll be taking a week off starting Monday Feb. 13th – Sunday Feb. 19th.
It’s time to visit family and chill.
March is already beginning to book up so if you have days you're needing daycare, feel free to send a text. My phone is always on my hip and I'm waiting to here from you.
778 209 7171
Enjoy the lovely weather. Spring is definitely in the air!