Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Sir Bentley Meets Miss Sadie and Miss Hazel

 What a gentleman he was. He brought along his high energy, wiggles and lolling tongue.
Bentley first came to visit us when he was only 5 months old. He's turning 3 in August this year.
We've watched him grow into a very good boy! He's definitely true to his Border Collie cross breed in his energy and behaviours.
When he set eyes on Sadie he took a small step back as if to say, "Oh, wait. I don’t know you? I better go slower." And he did just that. It was obvious how excited he was.  I could clearly see him exercising self control. What a good boy Bentley.

Sir Bentley meets Miss Sadie. He's not quite sure if this
new girl will be able to keep up with his energy level.

Miss Hazel would be arriving in less than an hour so we headed outdoors for a bit of first play time while it was still cool. I suspected these two would get along great and much to my delight, they do!  Bentley is more interested in playing ball and Sadie loves the stuffys and tug toys so there was happy play with plenty of choices.

Just two dogs checking out the morning yard scents
When Hazel arrived, Bentley met her with the same gentleman restraint. It was obvious he was super stoked and holding back his desires to go crazy.  They were all ready to exert some energy and the morning was beginning to warm. So, outdoors we went and the day began. 

Sleepy Miss Hazel would have to wake up soon if she wanted to keep up with Sir Bentley
It didn't take long for the energy bug to spread between these three. The rest of the day was back and forth between buddies. When stuffy play was no longer fun it was ball play or tug or lets just RUN! It is so nice to be able to play outdoors in this beautiful weather.

We continued enjoying it with the doors wide open to be able to come and go as we wanted. I was able to repot a few more plants and I'm almost ready to plant my patio bedding plants. Having such a cooperative pack makes my days so easy. They really mind themselves and all I have to do is make sure I have their mealtimes at the right time and it's ALL GOOD!

Try to get a smile when you've just made them stop playing to sit still. Forget it!
Hazel - "Hey? Sadie, let's see if we can get Bentley in the pool?"

Hazel - "Hey Bentley! Look! There's a ball in the pool!"

Bentley - "Forget it! I'd rather play ruff n tumble!"
By afternoon, the excitement of new friends had worn off and everyone was content to just relax and enjoy a peaceful afternoon.
I was able to set up a crate on the porch, thanks to Bentley's mom. She was selling Bentley's because he no longer uses it. 
Thank you! Now we don't have to take the downstairs one apart to bring it outdoors. Coolies!

Lady May - Hey Nice Crate! Thanks Bentley!

Bentley - "How come I couldn't have a bed buddy at my own house?"
I guess seeing Lady May use "his" crate made him decide he should give it a last try out. Sadie has already decided if it was good enough for Lady May, it was good enough for her.

By 3 pm all the dogs decided it was nap time. Well almost all. Bentley wasn't really tired but was very compliant and agreed to have a lay-down while the others slept. Well almost had a lay-down. He wandered from bed to bed but at least he was being gentlemanly.
What a good boy Bentley. He sure listens well mom! Remember what a little rascal he was as a puppy! He's getting all grown up with lots of friends now.

I know Hazel and Sadie will be very happy to visit with him again soon. I'm hopeful Bentley will find a great friend in Khione when he meets her in a few days!

Watch for it πŸ˜‰

Sadie bides her time while the other two tire themselves out.

Three Amigos, or Three cows, you decide. Either way they surely love the fresh grass shoots.

Sadie waiting her turn with Hazel

Hazel going to attempt to convince Bentley to play tug.
Not a chance without a ball in the end of that toy dear Hazel. Not a chance!
More photos posted -
Check them out here - Royal K9 Korner Facebook

Saturday, March 27, 2021

A Thank You and My Birthday Week Visitors

My Birthday week was wonderful. So many friends sent so many happy birthday wishes. Some of those friends I haven’t spoken to for so long. Thank you so much everyone for remembering me and accepting that I'm not very good at staying in touch as often as I should. I tend to cram my great days with happy activities that exhaust me by the evening. On not so good days, well, there no so good, enough said.
I must admit there have been plenty of not so good days over the last few months. I'm sure like many of our friends and family. Like everyone, I'm doing my best to overcome my ongoing health issues and I think I'm through the worst of them now. 

I found this little image on the internet.
Don't ask me where! I like it though.

At 66 years, I'm learning to cope well enough. I seem to have taken quite a few years to understand and accept my limitations. Having Meniere's certainly draws a lot of energy. I'm finally at a place emotionally and mentally where I can cope with the continual effects. 


I draw strength from knowledge and experience with Meniere's and I apply it daily!  I feel alright and I'm so happy to have the distractions of my wonderful visiting dogs to keep me going strong. Thank you to all the moms and dads that trust me to take care of their most precious furry buddies.
My days are so full of smiles.

Hazel and Khione having a great time playing keep away.
My furry visitors this birthday week were lil Molly, Hazel, Khione, Sadie, Mylu and lil Suzy Q. The weather was just perfect. A coolness in the mornings that warmed by afternoon. The dogs were all great buddies and played cooperatively both indoors and out. Whether it's romping in the yard or just chillin' on the porch. No squabbles at all. Plain old fun and games all day every day. 

Suzy Q, Lady May, Hazel and Khione all choose to cozy on the porch.
 lil Molly chooses the indoor mats that are less crowded.
I've able to get most of the front yard cleaned up and my cedar boxes cleared and ready for planting in May. I've also been organizing and clearing out closets/cupboards and drawers. It amazes me how quickly those areas get cluttered. I've already filled and taken 2 large Amazon boxes to the thrift store and have yet another one ready for our trip to Kamloops in April. I guess Spring cleaning has started. It's also time for me to clear off some of the kazillion photos and videos from my phone. I'll be adding them into their appropriate Facebook Albums and will post some on my timeline. I hope you get the smiles and chuckles I did when I took them.

Sadie finally gets the upper paw on Hazel and takes control of the tug toy.

Obviously overcome with the loss of the tug game.

The best time of day for me to get a few indoor chores done.
lil Suzy Q is determined to lay beside Lady May whether there's room on the mat or not!

Have a wonderful last weekend of March and stay safe!
Royal K9 Korner will be away from April 5th - 8th so be sure to mark that on your calendar.
Stay safe!

Friday, March 12, 2021

Our Beautiful Baroness Mylu

Our Baroness Mylu arrived yesterday afternoon.  Everyone had been waiting for her to arrive. 

Hazel, Suzy Q and Lady May watch for Mylu. River is preoccupied with a sun spot on the wall

Mylu strolled through the gate with wiggles and smiles.  She was definitely happy to be visiting. 
Her dad said, Mylu has been seizure free for 1 month!  I know, that sounds great!
What it really means is for me to be prepared for the greater possibility of one happening during her stay with us.  We don’t know for sure what triggers Mylu's seizures if anything.
My goal is to keep a stable environment for her and reduce as much unexpected stimuli as possible.
I am familiar with her seizures and the treatment necessary when one occurs. 
Before she arrived, everyone had already had a good healthy run of exercise and playtime.  After  re-introductions and a calm walk about the yard, it was indoors for a bit of relaxation. 

Countess River greets the Baroness Mylu

The 5 beautifully behaved beauties. Lady May, Mylu, River, Hazel and Suzy Q

Mylu gets special treatment at bedtime and it requires everyone to have a designated spot that I deem the safest bed for them. I was very proud of Hazel and River. This was a first for them, to be here together with Mylu.  They took to their sleeping arrangement really well. Of course, there was a few side-eyes and head tilts, but they settled in no time at all and slept through the entire night with out a peep.

I think you made a mistake lady.
I'm s'posed to be in the crate

Within minutes Hazel and River were settled
and heading off to dreamland

 Lady May gets to sleep in her crate and is quite happy to have the door closed for privacy.
It's most important that Mylu sleep right beside my bed so I can keep close tabs on her throughout the night and have quick and easy access to her to keep her safe in the event of a seizure. She would much rather be snuggled in the crate, but that is not allowed when she is here.  We had a perfect, restful night and are crossing our paws to continue for the rest of her visit with us. 

Lady May still wearing a bedtime cone to protect her from chewing at her paw.
Mylu already cozied and safely ready for dreamland
Hazel and River reserving their ruff and tumble play for a later time.

River says a gentle hello to Mylu
She is such a beautiful happy girl. The others sometimes seem to treat her gentler, as if they know.
I wonder?

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

March Arrives With a Smile

Spring is on the way!

Even though I know, we'll still have a few more cool days to go through. I can finally see the tops of my tulips pushing through the earth. That's exciting for me! It means it'll soon be time to think about clearing the leaves off my flower beds. I've already thought about which seeds I can start in my little green house. I've placed my annual flower order for my cedar planters and beds.  Before you know it, things will be blooming!

It also means the dogs will be able to run and play and do zoomies in actual GRASS again soon.

Of course, they're always happy with running and playing in soggy earth or snow. They don’t care if there's no grass. They're super good about getting their paws wiped each time they come back in the house. It's me who grumbles with soggy ground not them.

Looking at March's calendar, I can still see 9 days here and there with no dogs booked. I know, that changes quickly, so I won't commit to getting everything done on those days. I'm so fortunate to have such compliant dog visitors. They love helping out in the garden and will be by my side to make sure I do everything exactly right! They'll be giving me encouraging licks and dropping the toys at my feet. So far, we head into March, by welcoming Hazel, Mylu, Khione and our darling Countess River. I've spoken the lil Molly's dad and she'll be coming by for a bath as well. Sadie's mom has told us to expect sweet Sadie for a playday or 2 this month. I'm so happy to see the nicer temps back again.

We had Mylu and Hazel join us last week. I'll add a few photos of their playtime, but I missed the best ever videos of them doing zoomies. I just stood and watched and laughed and laughed. Hazel has the speed, agility, long legs, and energy. 

After zoomies restful playtime evens them out.
When our Baroness Mylu was a puppy, she was hit by a car that resulted in a permanent backend injury. Now her movements are much slower, and she has less agility. That certainly doesn’t hinder her desire and happy nature in chasing after and sneaking around to catch Miss Hazel. My goodness they learn some funny ways to outsmart each other. Hiding in and behind the hedge is a great way to jump out and scare the opponent. Their version of hide and seek is always worth a giggle.

Hazel is such a sweet girl, when she sees Mylu winding down, she makes her play circle her closer and plays with in the smaller area for Mylu. She seems to know full well, she will lose her play buddy and she definitely wants the play to continue. Two loving playful partners. The keep my smiling for sure.

Hazel: "Really Mylu, we should go jump up on the top part. It's way more fun!"
Khione will also be visiting one day when Hazel is here. Im sure there will be a contest between these two high-speed girls. Let's cross our paws for dry weather!

Mylu: "It's okay. I'll just wait for my mom and dad"

Mylu stood watching the strawberry patch for quite awhile. I couldn't help but wonder what was going through her little brain

Please grow!
Soon Mylu SOON!

Sunday, February 21, 2021

Welcome Little Sage

We're happy to welcome our youngest, little visitor to Royal K9 Korner.
7-month-old (chocolate) border collie, Sage. Yes, I know, a puppy!

She will be visiting us off and on during May and June. She came for a meet and greet to meet with Lady May.  I was surprised to see the amount of impulse control she displayed. I was expecting to do more distracting and blocking. This little puppy was engaged!
She watched Lady May's language and was able to read her quite well.  I saw no signs of a lip curl from Lady May. A usual signal she gives on onset to let others know right off; she is not up for an introduction. Certainly not one with the energy level of a puppy.
Instead, she used her eyes to let the puppy know her safety distance. The surprising behaviour was from Sage.  She watched, heard, and responded appropriately.

In a short time, they were sniffing nose to nose and calmly saying a full-blown hello.  
I am not so naΓ―ve as to believe this is the "normal" behaviour for little Sage. However, it's a tremendous sign of the amount of work her mommy has already done with her. It also tells me Sage's little brain is ready to listen and learn.   
Sage - "Hey this toy smells really familiar!"

During our outdoors time, Sage's little nose was doing its job to discover all the areas the other dogs frequent. She even found her friend, Hazel's favourite tug toy and chose to play with it. 
We're looking forward to her visits and her meeting the rest of our extended pack.

Nose to ground in true border collie fashion
A puppy!
She will dig, jump, and find open gates. I'm up for the challenge and looking forward to helping her explore the world.
Welcome Sage!

I can't wait to PLAY!

Thursday, February 4, 2021

Introducing Sir Cash

At the beginning of January, our visitors were few. Without many visitors, Lady May really doesn’t get her much-needed exercise. She prefers to just rest most of the day.  It was time to give her a chance to stretch her legs and really GO! We made a last minute decision to load up her wheelcart and head to the canal.

That was the day we met up with Cash. A sweet 8 yr. old, neutered male who has some similar features to our
past, benevolent pack leader King.  I must admit my heart kind'a skipped a beat when we saw him wandering around the entrance to the canal without a people.
The long and short of it is, he had become 'disconnected' from his mom and she had been searching for him for a very long time. Thanks to his wearing an ID tag we were able to reunite them. It also gave us an opportunity to discuss more about this boy, J. Cash. We learned he would soon be needing a safe haven while his mom had to be away. I passed along my daycare business card and Cash came for a M&G.
Just like that, we have a newcomer to Royal K9 Korner
Welcome Mr. J. Cash
During his Meet 'n Greet Mr. Cash was quite subdued. He calmly re-met Lady May and continued to just stroll through the yard and house checking things out. Indoors he found a mat close by his mom to rest while we went over the paper work. 
I learned that Cash may not be comfortable meeting too many dogs at once and made the decision to have Cash come for a previsit when only one dog was here at a time. Miss Hazel has become one of our weekly visitors, so we arranged for a day according to her visits.

That previsit was yesterday.  I was all set to have a slow easy day to introduce Cash to daycare.
When Cash arrived, it was like meeting an entirely new dog. His demeanour was almost an opposite to the 'lost dog' I had met a month earlier and at our M&G.

He came barrelling through our front gate with tail wagging and tongue lolling! He was a happy fun loving boy ready for action! His mom stayed for a few minutes to see how the meeting with Hazel went.  It was BFF right from the get go! I was thrilled!

A short while later lil Suzy Q arrived. Again there was no issues at all. He treated her with respect and after a pleasant, hello, nice to meet you,
Suzy chose to head indoors to rest

lil Molly's dad happened to stop by while we were playing in the yard. I decided to invite her to spend the day with us getting to know Cash. I'm so glad I did. It has set the pace for next weeks day care with Cash. I had been a little apprehensive to have any other dogs visit.
I wanted to make sure Cash did not get overwhelmed by a yard full of strange dogs.
lil Molly's health has been a bit off lately and her temperament hasn't been normal.
I'm happy to say she's back on track and has accepted Cash.
I no longer have a concern and we will now be open for all visitors! Yay. 
What a good boy Cash! 
lil Molly - "Okay, listen this is how its gonna be..."
Cash - "ya ya ya okay whatever"
lil Molly saying hello. Both dogs still wearing their safety halters.
They both came off very soon after.

Put the camera down lady! Let's play BALL!

We are so happy we made the decision to visit the canal on that in early January. I wont even begin to imagine any other possible scenario.   
We happily welcome Cash into our Royal regime.
He'll be visiting us for just over a week in a few days. Bring on the new friendships!

I will be creating a Facebook album for Cash here.
Be sure to watch for his videos and more photos soon!

Friday, January 29, 2021

Miss Sadie's Visit with Khione

A couple of days ago Khione's mom called to see if Khione was able to visit for the day. Suzy Q was the only dog booked that day. I already knew there wouldn't be much playtime for Khione with just Lady May and Suzy. I decided to call Sadie's mom to see if she would let Sadie visit for the day.
Thank you so much Melissa! 4 year old Sadie was an excellent girl and really played well with Khione.
Khione - "Wow I didn't know you came to Royal K9 Korner day care too! COOL! Lets play"

I knew they had already met and enjoyed each other on their day walks. It was a pretty safe bet they'd do well for a day together here. Khione was definitely over the moon to see Miss Sadie. Sure enough they had a great time together and Miss Sadie was a perfect playmate for Khione.

Sadie has a confident and friendly personality, she doesn't get bowled over and can easily handle a bit of rough stuff play. Khione is still learning to listen to the dogs she's playing with and Sadie is a clear and patient communicator. She really made my day go smooth.
They played inside and out, with toys or without toys. They also took rest times together and just chilled in the yard and house all day.
I'm hopeful we can set up a few more play days with other visitors so Khione has a chance to get to know everyone one on one. I'm sure it'll help build her confidence and make her a fun playmate for the others. She is still puppy-like, full of energy and really just wants to play!
Thank you Sadie for giving young Khione a fun day!

Sadie - "No prob, I like the new kid and she's a fun buddy. I hope she visits again soon."

 By the time little Suzy Q arrived, Khione had already spent her excess energy with Sadie. She was more willing to leave Suzy alone. Suzy was very happy about that.

Suzy Q - "I'm staying close to Sadie, just in case though. "

After a good romp in the yard, we headed under the gazebo for some relax time. Sadie found the Trolley cart before Lady May could get to it.Lady May just curled up beside it. Im thinking she was hopeful Sadie would leave and she could sneak in.

Khione not quite ready for rest time.

I think its time for me to get out the warm quilts and make up the outdoor beds. One outside bed is just not enough now. The weather is still unpredictable but the dogs are wanting to be outdoors longer.  With my hard top gazebo cover, its possible even on wet days now.
Sure enough something caught Sadie's attention and she strayed from the warm bed.  Unfortunately, Lady May was fast asleep and missed her opportunity.

Suzy Q - "Thanks for keeping it warm Sadie"

Back indoors, Khione and Sadie played much calmer together. Even Suzy was feeling a bit more relaxed with Khione. Although she seemed to make a point of staying close to Sadie and Lady May for added security.

Sadie contemplating whether its worth disturbing Khione to try the ole toy swap

Suzy decides to allow a little toe sniffing just to stay close to Sadie

 Suzy Q heads back to her old faithful safety buddy.
Lady May is always a sure bet when Sadie goes to sleep.

A rare resting pair.

I just happen to have my camera in my hand when I saw this sight. It's a first for sure. Sadie and Lady May are always very compatible, but I'd never, ever seen them stick this close together for a rest. If only we could read their minds.

"Im sure I heard the clock toll Lunchtime!

As the clock struck lunch time the two visitors knew exactly where to watch their food being dished out. Neither one tried to sneak into my safety area but politely waited just outside the gate.
Wow! Good Dogs or what?!

Sadie-"I saw my mom! How come I'm here?"

Sadie used to try to head for the gate when ever she visited. Now she will certainly try to head home if she sees her mom across the street but is very, very good about complying and heading into the back yard. I can easily distract her now. She rarely stands staring at her house across the road now. I think she seems happy when she's here. I really have to set up my camera to video how she runs full bore into the yard when a visit is scheduled.  There's a soft warm bed and food for her belly. The buddies and the toys hep the comfort level. I'm sure she likes it here enough. She knows mom is coming for her soon. I'm so thankful her mom let her visit us today. I definitely feel like she's helped Khione in a big way. 

Khione may be the "New Kid" but she seems to be fitting in nicely. There are a few more buddies for her to meet. We'll continue going slow so we don't take a big step backwards.
I'm happy she has a friend like Sadie here now.

Sleep time before home time. Khione chooses to lay close to her new buddy Sadie.

Khione decides to move closer to the gate in case mom shows up before she wakes.

We hope to see you both soon girls. You're a wonderful pair.πŸ’œπŸΎπŸ’œ

Royal K9 Korner has a few days we'll be closed to visitors.
Please mark them on your calendar for reference.

February 8th - 16th
(prearranged alone time for our new boy - Cash)
February 23rd - 25th