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Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Welcome Puppy Ruby

Welcome to 6-month-old Ruby.

 A darling little black and tan coonhound. Isn't she just adorable? I've always been partial to the black and tans and this little one is no exception. Now, if only she were already a senior, she'd have grabbed at my heartstrings even more.
A puppy! Oh my, here we go!
Lady May has already given her the lip curl and warned her to back off. Ruby gets very excited and jumps back as quick as a wink. She's already learning 'the language' and responding very well.

Lady May - "This is my warning face. You better be listening."

During her meet n greet she came along with little Suzy who was quite pleased to have somebody else take the attention away from her for Ruby. We gave Ruby a safe area to play while Suzy and Lady May enjoyed the calm behind gates.

Ruby - "Why are the other dogs gone away?"

At her 2 hour previsit we had lil Molly and young Sage here as well. Puppy was over the moon with so many doggie buddies to meet with. Sage was quite happy to say hello and introduced herself politely. 

Hey I think I like you. Just dont jump up okay?
That was until puppy felt comfortable and said, "Hey!! LET'S PLAY!" with a bound and a jump and a lunge with her big puppy paws landing a near blow to Sage's nose. Little Sage was caught off guard and cried out with a big yelp and off she ran. That was it for her. The rest of the puppy's visit Sage stayed a safe distance away and watched from the sidelines. It's okay young Sage you'll have ample opportunities to meet Ruby again and play safely another time. 
lil Molly waiting to meet Ruby. Little Suzy happy someone else will play with the puppy.

 lil Molly was her true Marchioness self. She loved Ruby and was eager to let her zip around her. 

 And zip around she did. Ruby is in training and still learning her recall skills. That means I can't allow her to run and zoom in the yard with the freedom of the other dogs. It's not safe. If there's an altercation I have no way of intervening quick enough. At present, much of our grounds are covered in melted snow/ice. It's just not safe to do zoomies right now.  Teaching fluent recall and safe play is on her agenda. So for now indoors energy release and quiet toy play suffice.

Why isn't that little brown dog coming in to say hi again?
Sage watched from the sidelines and even did a quiet sneak by to check things out. I'm sure given time Sage will be one of Ruby's good buddies. For now we're going slow and keeping her a comfortable distance while Ruby remains on lead.

Sage - "If I look away it means don't bug me okay?"

Ruby, - "I can see you sneaking you know?"

Ruby and Suzy are scheduled to join us a few more days this week and next. I can't wait to see the progress we make.

Im cute right?
Be a good girl Ruby. See you in a few days.

Friday, January 14, 2022

Welcome 6 year old Kaxwisa

6 year old Kaxwisa (pronounced KahWaySha) joined us for a meet and greet yesterday. She is a very gentle, fun loving mixed breed, golden retriever/red heeler. Her little spotty paws are so pretty, and her love of the snow was evident immediately.
Kaxwisa is a frequent visitor at our local 'dog park' and already has a few friends who will join her here for playdays.
We've slotted her in for a 4 hour complimentary pre visit and I can't wait to spend some time getting to know her.
She was polite and very responsive to me, though if mom was more than a few feet away from her she was watching for her. I took out my camera to get a picture of her pretty face while mom was putting her boots back on. That was like trying to take a photograph of a zooming train.  She's was very trusting and even though she wanted to see her mom she stayed in place while I asked her to.

Where's my mom!

Kaxwisa loves the snow and I'm hopeful she'll have an opportunity to run and romp in it with a friend before its gone. Perhaps her buddy from the park, Khione? Paws crossed!
All snow lovers know there's nothing better than clean melting snow for a back scrub and a good wash.

Snow, glorious snow!

Hey, do you mind I'm having a wash here
We look forward to having you back again girl. Stay safe and warm and we'll see you in a couple of weeks!

Cutest little spotty paws ever!

Friday, December 31, 2021

Our Last Visitors of 2021

The last visitors of 2021 were our lovely Matron Miss Sadie and little Suzy Q.

Temps dropped low enough to warrant coats and boots in the evenings.
Little Suzy Q is still learning how to make friends and more often than not will find comfort in just staying by Lady May's side.  I'm quite pleased to see her initiating play with a few others.  She hasn't done so with Miss Sadie yet, but she will follow her around now.   It's nice to know she's feeling more comfortable with the big strong girl Sadie.

Sadie helps to clear a path for little Suzy to walk

 Without the wind, the sun brings enough warmth to the day that we can remove coats and boots.

Sadie and Suzy just strolling in the sun
The cedar waxwings and also visiting during the day feasting on the mountain ash berries. I've chosen to remove my seed feeders due to the visiting C-A-Ts. It's too sad for me to clean up their feathers daily.  Getting a good photo with my phone is not easy. Trust me they are waxwings.  They don't even flinch when the dogs are near. They're hungry! They have cleared the top and are working their way down the limbs. Natures winter storage.

Cedar Waxwings puffed up to keep warm from the cold while filling their tummys.

I have extra coats and boots on hand for visitors when the winds pick up and the temps drop. Miss Sadie never batted an eye when I chose a coat and boots for her. Obviously her muscular body was a bit bigger than the coat I had on hand. I'm sure it helped a bit, but it kept popping open. 

Sadie wearing a coat that belonged to Duchess Sammy and boots from Princess MollyDawg.
Sadie is always so happy to run across the road for a visit. She loves to drop over but certainly keeps on eye open if her mom should come back home.
Often times we see her across the road with her mom.  She gives us a very gleeful wiggle and a wag as if to say 'Hello'.  She is a very obedient girl and stays right by her mommy's side.
However, when she knows she's coming for a visit, she is the biggest wiggliest girl you can imagine.  She stands inside her gate with her mom, and I stand inside mine.  Mom and I, look up and down and the road, making sure for a safe time and with a heads nod mom gives the signal.  We both open our gates and Miss Sadie comes BARRELLING across the road into our yard.  She goes straight to do her business and then finds me for her 'hello cookie' while mom heads back home.

Sadie has always been the happiest girl when she visits.  She's always a pleasure to see and she gets on with almost everyone.  She's been known to stand her ground on a few occasions and I applaud her for that.  She is true to her breed, happy, loyal, affectionate, and strong.  She may be a gentle girl, but no one will take advantage of her either.  She knows when another visitor is misbehaving and makes no bones about saying so.  Good girl Sadie!

Sweet innocent faces. Right? Right, okay. Now.
When Sadie visits, she's my shadow girl. No. I mean, REALLY! My shadow girl. If I turn a bit too quickly I may trod on a snow white paw.  I call her my little helper girl. If I'm unloading the dishwasher, Sadie is helping. If I'm putting clothes in the washer/dryer, Sadie is helping. If I'm putting groceries away, Sadie is helping, (and Lady May) He face is always smiling when she's here and in turn she puts a smile on my face as well.

Sadie - "I'm helpin'. Right Lady?
Lady May - "The ice-cream is mine. Paws off."

Bed time for Sadie comes easy. She's the 'owner' of the bedroom crate and Lady May willingly obliges. It's always interesting to see the dynamics between various dogs.  There doesn't always seem to be rhyme nor reason to how, who and why they allow or disallow things between them.  I have learned just to let them show/tell me what, where and who gets what when and go with it. They always show me the respect I require and allow me to keep things running smoothly.

Sound asleep. Tomorrow is just another day.

So ends another year at Royal K9 Korner.

From all our visitors throughout 2021 we say have a wonderful new year.
Stay warm, safe and PAWSITIVE!

"Welcome 2022!"
We're prepared for whatever tags along. Bring it on!

Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Is 2021 Over Now? Is that it? Can we breathe?

 It's been a year alright. It feels like about 10 years. I think mostly it feels longer because I laboured trying to remain positive! I know all too well how letting negative thoughts creep in can deplete all your resources.
I tried to use my strength to ward off the negatives and replace it with positive. Believe me, with all that went on this year it was not an easy task. I refuse to recap all the neg that happened. However I do want to recall some of the happy days that cheered me up.
Im remembering the wonderful happy days with Mylu. She was such a beauty! Full of life and happiness. Run free with all your body at full strength dear girl we all miss you so much!You can read our tribute to dear Baroness Mylu Here.

We have a few newcomers in our fold. They definitely put a smile on my face. We welcomed two buddies from out of town. It gave us a smile to know we were able to open our home to two families needing accommodation for their sweeties during trauma filled days. We hope they will visit us again on future warm sunny, happy days.
10 year old Bulldog mix, Shanti and 9 year old purebred Red Bone Coonhound, Diesel.
Stay safe and remember to visit us again!

We also welcomed a few new locals to our extended family.We welcomed 3 boys, a senior Koda and two youths, Henry and Dobby.

Koda an anxious senior who only wanted his mom and dad.

We may not see many visits with dear Koda in the future. He is definitely happiest when he's with his mom and dad. They've made up a special living space for him in their van and he now travels to work with them each day. Yay! We know very well how much happier he is to be with them! He's always welcome back if he ever needs a special place with us for the day, but we fully understand his true heart desires.

Henry - "I can see a dog!"

Dobby - "Where's all the dogs?"









 I'm sure they'll meet many new playmates in the new year. We can't wait to see who they'll meet and love to romp around with! We had a M& G with young Celine over the summer. We're still waiting for just the right time to have a safe visit with her. We haven't forgotten you sweetheart, it's just been "one heck of a year!"

3 year old Celine has had many unpleasant experiences with other dogs.
We were also happy to have a wonderful return to our daycare. The lovely Miss Yeti who moved away several years ago! Her mom and dad haven't needed daycare for her since she revisited us but we are hopeful we'll have her one day in the coming year.
Yeti loves the new stuffies. 
 In the New Year we have a couple of Meet 'n Greets getting scheduled. We'll be looking to confirm those dates very soon now. We also have one more buddy sitting on the side lines waiting for a positive test result to come back before we can welcome him in. You'll be reading all about those three as they come up.
For now Our wish for all our friends and family. Furrys and Furless.
PLEASE continue to Stay Safe and Stay Positive!
Happy New Year to ALL

Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Dobby Meets Sir Cash

We had planned our complementary 4-hour trial with Dobby on a day with no other visitors. It's usually my day to get to know a newcomer one on one. It provides an opportunity for undisturbed lessons on house and yard rules and routines. Sometimes there are visitors who need day care that call last minute to book in on that day. I weigh who the two visitors are and will allow it if I believe safety is not an issue.
So it was for Sir Cash on 'Dobby's Day' 

When I met young Dobby at his M&G with his dad, I was able to spend time watching their interactions. We had a lengthy conversation about Dobby's nature and behaviours and his relationships with other dogs. I watched Dobby respond positively to his dad's commands. It became obvious how much time has been put in to Dobby's training and I believed Dobby would be able to respond positively to me once he was more relaxed with me. He had already displayed great impulse control in resisting his urge to do zoomies with Lady May.
We planned a trial day to build his confidence with me and allow opportunities for him to feel safe. I allowed Sir Cash in for daycare that day based on my knowledge of Cash's easy going, compliant nature and his ability to meet new dogs politely. Cash has reliable social skills and I believed Dobby could use him as a great role model. Dobby's dad stayed on for a while and we watched the interactions between the two. As expected, there were normal preteen behaviours from Dobby and Cash was displaying enough patience with him. At one point Dobby became overexcited and I needed to use my "BigDog' voice. Dobby responded immediately and there was no issue. Dad left Dobby in my care and our day began. 

We spent a long time together outdoors following Cash. We walked around the yard getting to know every corner and all the scents buried beneath the fresh snow.

Dobby - "I'm sure we already checked under that bench"

I kept Dobby strapped to my hip and though I left the halters on both dogs, there was no reason for any 'quick grabs'. It wasn’t long before I could drop Dobby's lead and allow him to follow Cash on his own. I saw very good impulse control when he really wanted to play with Lady May but he listened to her refusal and restrained himself. Good Boy Dobby! 

Ya, let's check this corner. I think I smelled a C-A-T here.
Do you think my dad will remember to come back for me?
I promise you he will Dobby. For now it's time to head indoors and check out what's for lunch.

..and take my halter off right Lady?
We kept halters on for a little while longer. They allow for a quick grab just in case. Halters provide me with a means to physically intervene with out any force being applied to sensitive necks.
I'm a firm believer in prevention and halters are my go to.  Yes, maybe I'm a bit over the top. I want all positive interactions for everyone when they are on premise. I want all visitors to come barrelling through my gates each and every time. Excited to be here and willing to let mom and dad leave them behind. Sorry buddy, your halter stays on a wee bit longer.

Dobby - "Why is everyone lined up here?"
I wanted Dobby to become familiar with all my usual indoor duties so I made sure to create the 'normal' sounds and activities he will be faced with.  New dogs eventually need to show me they can be left unattended in a separate room from me with no concern for their safety. Sometimes it takes many visits before I know that can happen. Dobby was very polite indoors and I could easily walk in and out of the play area. My goal is to know with 100% accuracy that when my eyes are not on them they have the ability to play or lay safely. When I'm working in my kitchen area, it gives another perfect opportunity for learning that.
I provide a 'reinforcement kibble' that also teaches positive social food experiences. Dobby learned very quickly what was expected and there was no hesitation in compliance. He just followed the others lead and kept his eyes on me all morning.

pssst, I think she has cookies!
Dobby's dad had brought his mat for him to feel more at home. At first no one paid much attention to it. I moved it to various places in the house and soon found a spot that was apparently suitable. Well, certainly for Sir Cash.
Dobby - "Hey! But that's my mat right?"
Sir Cash - "You can have it after me bud."

I spent lots of time gently touching Dobby. He easily allowed me to handle him and showed no signs of his previous shyness. I also used a soft brush on his body and was able to complete basic husbandry with him. Good Boy Dobby!
Within that few hours Dobby showed he was comfortable with us and so guess what happened?

Dobby - "Oh man! Really?"
Sir Cash - "Yep, get used to it kid. There's no end."

Dobby - "I think you need my dad's permission to do this?"
Lady May - "Seriously? Mom, I think it's cookie time."

Dobby - "So how much longer does this go on for?"
Sir Cash - "How long are you here for?"

Lady May - "Seriously. My mom can do this all day!"
Dobby - "Oh goodie so it's an all day cookie day then"

By the end of our time together Dobby had been able to experience many of our daily routines including house and yard rules.We had been in and out several times using each door. Each time Dobby sat patiently while the seniors exited or entered.  He has very good manners and is certainly welcome back.

All halters off and complete relaxation.

Just minutes before it was home time, Dobby began to crash. He had been able to experience many of our daily routines as well as house and yard rules. I know this is not always normal behaviour for all visitors. I'm hopeful Dobby will be able to meet with and do zoomies with a playmate soon.
For now he has had ample opportunities to let go of his shyness and trust me.
Thank you for visiting dear Dobby.
I didn't even need to hide my socks!
See you soon.

Saturday, December 11, 2021

Our Lady May Visits Amberdeen Veterinary Hospital

Just a couple of hours after Lupin went home on Dec. 9th daddy and I made a very important decision.

I think your girl dog is sick
Our sweetheart Lady May was beginning to show signs of intestinal discomfort the morning before Lupin arrived.  She was calm and quiet but her face said, there was something not quite right.
On Thurs. Dec. 8th  her stool was softer than normal.  I gave daddy the heads up and we prepared to take all the precautions to minimize her discomfort and reduce the symptoms.  Lady May had vomited her morning kibble.
I made rice and made sure I had her fortaflora, metamucil and Prosoothe on hand in case any one or a combination of them was necessary.  I had also reduced her normal breakie and added fortiflora. She was still asking for lunch and her stool was still adequate so I made the decision to give her a bit of rice and a bit of canned RC GI low fat mixed in. Shortly afterwards she vomited again and my concerns mounted.

Throughout the day I was outdoors most of the time playing between yards with the other dogs. It gave me an opportunity to monitor Lady May carefully and be able to clean up after quickly.  My outdoor hoses are disconnected during winter. Instead, I keep a bucket of water on my heat mats so its always thawed and provides ample washing up opportunities.

Daddy had made a morning phone call to our vet in Cache Creek. Dr. Quinn We discovered he was not in the office for the next two days so there could not be a quick trip in to see him. The always available and so highly skilled and knowledgeable receptionist, Kara-Lee referred our concerns and we were advised of all the important steps to take as we so frequently have done in the past. A recommended bland diet for a minimum of 72 hours. Overcooked rice that may be flavor with chicken broth. We were prepared. Thank you for always being on hand to give advise and support my emotions during these times, Kara-Lee - YOU ROCK!

 It was a very busy day but Lady May seemed to be coping alright. After daddy left for his lunch break. about 2 pm. Lady May declined. She was no longer vomiting but her stool had more blood in it.  Daddy prepared his boss for the inevitable day off he was going to take to go into Kamloops with Lady May.  Thank you Dave Beland, for being so understanding of our needs.

Thank you doctors and staff at
Amberdeen Veterinary Hospital
Just after dinner Daddy called the Kamloops Emergency Veterinary Group in Kamloops to give them a heads up on Lady May's condition and the possibility that we would be driving over with her. 
The conversation left us with no doubt that we should not wait but start that journey asap.  It's a 2 hour drive from Lillooet to Kamloops and most fortunately, the roads were open and safe to travel.
By 10 pm Lady May was being examined and tests were being done.
A special thank you to Dr. Gayle, Dr. K. Gummeson and all the staff at Amberdeen Veterinary Hospital Your expertise and kindness to our little girl is so appreciated!
Ultimately an overnight visit and next day care ensued. The doctors and staff took such wonderful care of our darling. Before they began the blood tests they wondered if it might be HGE. (Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis)  Fortunately it turned out that was not the cause but instead, probably a reaction to her current meds plan. We've been revising and monitoring her meds plan over the last few years and it was perhaps time to revise it again.  Our girl was slightly dehydrated but not severely. She was put on IV and started on antibiotics and anti nausea meds. Metronidazole and Cerenia Through out the evening and into the next day the staff at Aberdeen Vet Hospital were over the top in their care for our little girl. They commented on what a darling she was and how sweet she was. We were so thankful to have such caring professionals to take care of her.
Lady May and daddy came home just after 6:30 pm on Dec. 10th
So tired but happy to be home.
Both exhausted but both so happy to be back home.
Lady May will complete the course of antibiotics and nausea tablets for the next few days. We'll be scheduling a visit to our own Dr. Quinn in the coming weeks. It looks like we may need to modify her meds again. Dr. Gummeson gave Lady May an injection of  Ketamine which really seemed to help her. It's something we'll be discussing at our next vet day.
For now, she's resting quietly and we are so thankful for everyone on Lady May's Team.
You are all The Best!

Lupin Meets The Marchioness

Lupin arrived back into daycare after a long summer. She hadn't had any opportunities to meet up with many of our extended pack.  That was including lil Molly. 13 year old lil Molly can be quite unpredictable with introductions. With youngsters she usually, makes it known right off that she is at the high end on the leadership scale and will demand to be shown immediate respect. A bit bossy? Yes. A bit reactive? A little bit. Therefore she often spends time on the other side of a protective separating divider during a new comers visit. Sometimes two for added measure because lil Molly knows how to push that gate open and sneak in.
Lupin didn't seem the least bit concerned that the new dog didn't want to fully meet her. She just calmly sat and waited for acceptance.

Lupin - "Why that brown dog dont like me, Lady?

Lady May was not feeling up to snuff this day so I kept her separated from Lupin until our energy abounding little visitor had an opportunity to release most of her zoomies.

D'ya wanna play my new game?  I will sit and wait for you to come
and get the toy back from me. Then I will run away REALLY Fast! Okay?
We played the normal outdoor games from two separate yards. lil Molly in one and Lupin in the other. I played ball and zoomies with both while I went back and forth from yard to yard.  Lady May was showing signs of an intestinal upset so I spent a great deal of time following her to clean up. This is a periodic occurrence for Lady May due to her pain meds so I wasn't to concerned but was monitoring her closely.
Fortunately most of my visitors know the divider gates are my boundaries and dont try to cross them. ( too often) These simple flimsy divider gates work as long as Im in the room with them. Which I always am.

lil Molly - "no, no. I wont jump this little piddly fence. You can leave now. Honest!"
By early afternoon I was able to remove the divider and the two were able to meet calmer.  I still wouldn't leave them in the same room without me but it was a definite success.
Im very certain as time goes alone, they'll both be running and chasing the ball with out any hesitation.
For the next few visits, I'll do my normal proximity allowance based on attitude.

lil Molly - "Who are you saying has Attitude?"
Oh certainly not you dearest Marchioness!

Oh my dawGness! This is what I get for all my good behaviour?

Lupin - "What are you staring at?"

Lupin - "Hey! She's laughing at me!"

See you soon little Lupin. You were such a good tolerant little girl this day. Im so looking forward to future visits with you. Your mom says you can come for a playday with young Dobby. We'll try to set that up soon for you.
For now I better hide all my socks!

And Then This Happened . . . Our Lady May Visits Amberdeen Veterinary Hospital