Royal K9 Korner Response Survey

Monday, May 1, 2017

Day 3 - What's so Cute about Topsy Turvey

I can do topsy turvey too ya know mom!
Okay so now mom is saying that Lady May is soo cute cuz she flips upside down to sleep. Oh come on now. Are you kidding me? What's so gud about that.

I can do that too ya know. well, I can BUT I choose not to. Why cuz it's dumb!
Who ever heard of a normal dog sleeping upside down . . . certainly NOT A ROYAL ONE!
Aww come on Princess MollyDawg, it's so relaxing to lay this way. You should really give it a try!
Besides sometimes Im only on my side with a back support
Well, and a pillow of course!
Oh good grief! Am I really part of this family!! ??
Oh the humiliation!

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