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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Day Two Photo Challenge and Plants Galore

Okay so here it is day two of the Photo challenge that Aunty Bonny nominated mom for. Thanks a lot Aunty Bonny. Now we have to be the center of attention for 5 straight days.... Oh wait a minute... does that mean.... well Yes I guess it does. It means that each and every time she attempts to take a picture of us... there will be COOKIES involved. Oh YAHOOO!!
That also means that if I accidentally turn my head just a bit out of kilter... well, she'll have to take another pic...
Hmmmm how many cookies are left in that cookie cupboard anyway??? Hey Lady May go count cookies......

Okay well, yesterday mom and dad went into the city for some docs appointment and guess what?! WE HAD TO STAY HOME!! I know what gives with that eh? Well to be honest mom thought it might be a safer thing to do cuz it was kinda hot out and she didn't want to take a chance on us getting over heated in the truck... Personally I think it was cuz she planned to get a whole lot of plants for her flower beds and baskets etc. Ya like she was gonna fill the entire truck bed... Now that makes more sense to me.
So this is just the beginning of picture time right? We soon get loads of cookies right?

She says it's a beautiful weekend and wants to get alot of yard work done. The lawns totally need mowing and hedges need pruning. Oh and our friend Lil' Molly's dad, brought us some wire fencing to put up behind one of our hedges so the neighbourhood dogs cant keep trying to sneak into our yard. They cause alot of havoc when we have company over so now they will be fenced out.
Lady May - "Hey Molly? Does that mean we're fenced in?"
We've always been fenced in Lady May, silly girl.
Lady May - "Ohh."

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