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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Thank you

As so many already know, April 29th 2008 was the day King and his pack were rescued and saved from imminent death. On April 29th this year we received notice that King's ashes, along with his gold heart key were ready to come home to us. When we checked the mail that day, low and behold his Cuddle Clone had also arrived. We feel like his story has come to an absolute complete 360°

Many people have asked how we found this company.
When our Beloved Duchess Sammy passed away in 2013, we were devastated. I searched the internet and local shops for a plush dog I could have on my bed to resemble her likeness. I found one that was "close" to her likeness and bought it. A short while later I came across and was thrilled with the remarkable plush clones these people made. I was upset with myself for not waiting before I purchased the plushy. I vowed I would have a proper Cuddle Clone of her one day.

The table of time passed and our darling King began to age and unfortunately, recently passed over Rainbow Bridge. I can not believe I actually took time out of my grieving to go back to and revisit the possibility of having him immortalized in a plush clone. I am so happy we did. His markings are perfect! The shades of white undercoat and right down to the spots on his nose and belly fur. Remarkable! The conversation back and forth between us while his clone was being created gave me a feeling of comfort. I felt like these people could feel my grieve and really cared.

Also, a portion of each Cuddle Clone purchased goes to pet-related causes. That makes my heart feel good too.

Soon now we will complete the celebration of King's life and hang his flags along side his sister's. Once that is done, we plan to take a few days off and visit the very important people that King has brought into our lives.

To be continued . . .

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