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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Royal K9 Korner - Your Paws Are Safe With Us

A new year has unfolded. The Royals now have just two little girls. Princess MollyDawg and Lady May. We have set our sights on a brand new year and trying to live in the most positive fashion we can.
Life can be brutal if you let it. We refuse to let it keep us down.

Mom has retired and is focused on creating new and wonderful adventures. We get to be a part of it all and are very excited. The first BIG CHANGE is our name. We are now known legally as Royal K9 Korner. Mom really wanted to name us King's K9 Korner.. but you can see by the acronym that it really wasn't such a great idea. KKK Nawww

So, we are now a registered dog care facility and we're open to conduct our business in Lillooet. Mom and Lady May became certified Pet First Aider a few years ago.  So mom can make sure all our visitors stay safe. She's contemplating joining the Walks 'n Wags Pet First Aid team, by becoming an instructor!  We'll update you when things come together more in that area.

Today we thought we'd introduce you to a few of our latest guests. We'll be adding more videos and some of the fun antics that go on around here. Currently we're focused on upgrading our fencing and adding a bath station. Our goal is to make our guests have a truly, wonderful Royal visit with us.
We think we're on the road to success!

Be sure to check out our videos on King's YouTube Channel!
We'll be adding more as we take them. Thank you for visiting us.

We hope you come back really soon!

Lady May and Princess MollyDawg wait for visitors

Lady May loves to share with Lil' Molly

10 yr old Finley gets the bed to himself

Finnegan and Lady May wait to go out to play


  1. Congratulations ! to the best of people who have so much love for dogs and any other pets' they will be love just as much as their own humans do' So happy for you both and I will most certainly recommend with all my heart' love PollyB & Reese'

  2. Thanks so much Polly & Reese. The big drawback is that now our furless friends may have to book in advance to get the dog free guestroom. LOL Just kidding! lol

  3. Hey Mom and girls; we love the name of your new venture and wish we lived closer so we could take part in your daycare and overnight fun. We miss you and love you all lots.
    Silkmonster, Rufino and Auntie Paula