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Friday, April 28, 2017

A Very Different Blog Post - Day Two Photo Challenge

Yesterday I was offered a Facebook Photo challenge. I know everyone who reads this blog will be familiar with that.

Today I had planned to write a tribute to honor the memory of my beloved King. I have been drafting it up for quite a few days now. It made me cry and it made me smile and reminisce about all the wonderful times I shared in his presence. I was pretty much ready to share that post here when my dearest friend/sister sent me a Facebook Challenge. The Happy Dog Life Challenge to fight animal abuse. The challenge is to post a picture of your dog(s) for 5 straight days and nominate another dog lover....

Did she remember this day was coming? Of course she knew. Did she know my heart was aching? Yes, she knew, because I'm certain she was feeling that dull ache as well. Did she know I would need something to lift my spirits this day. Maybe. I like to think she did. There is something she may not have known. That is, that her Facebook challenge post made me save the post I had intended for this day and lock it in a sealed folder for my heart only.

So today I'm writing a more uplifting post. One that will ensure my boy smiles down at me and says, "That's the way to live your life mommy. Let my spirit only bring joy to you this day forever more." Find peace and happiness in what's positive around you. There is much to sing and laugh about if we wish to open our eyes and search for it.
Today, April 28 2017 for me, will now mark an official day of healing, happiness and yes, Survival!

Yesterday was officially my Day One of the photo challenge. I received my message from Aunty Bonny at 5:30 am so that is my start time and date.
I posted my reply with these two photos as Day One.
With my camera in hand searching for the sleeping beauties at 5:30 AM Should be easy enough to find..

Lady May - "Back off Mom! I'm still sound asleep!"
Princess MollyDawg - "You've GOT TO BE kidding me right?
She's going to be tagging along beside us for 5 DAYS!!!
Oh good grief Lady May. This is going to be a pain! "
Today the Royal girls will be taking a short trip into the city for the day. We have some important business to attend to and they must tag along with us. Day Two photos will come when we get back home.

Aright Miss Aunty Bonny, You asked for it. . . Stay tuned . . .

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